Friday, March 11, 2005


There was, as we suspected, no formal written advice

That parliamentary answer from Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, was the final legal opinion on the case for war.

11 March 2005 ~ Lord Goldsmith went out of his way to insist that his parliamentary answer on 17 March 2003 on the legality of the war did not reflect his legal advice and was not even a summary of it. Now that Sir Andrew Turnball has revealed that there was no full legal advice at all (Independent) what will Lord Goldsmith say now? The extent of the lying that took us to war in the face of a huge public outcry has still not been revealed.

11 March 2005 ~ Sir Andrew Turnbull has disclosed that no "full" legal advice on an invasion of Iraq has ever existed and that a short parliamentary answer by the Attorney General was the "definitive advice" on the war sent to the Prime Minister and that "there is no other version". Independent articles today in full and the Goldsmith pages on warmwell.

11 March 2005 ~ "Tony Blair appears to be sinking deeper and deeper into a hole of his own making over the legal case for war in Iraq.
Yesterday's admission by the Cabinet Secretary that there was no formal legal opinion by the Attorney General .....provides further evidence that corners were cut in the rush to war, and is bound to fuel criticism that the advice of the most senior law officer was manipulated for political reasons.

See Independent and Goldsmith pages on warmwell.

10/11 March 2005 ~ Mr Blair voted - he was in the Palace of Westminster - but he wasn't in the House of Commons to answer the insistent questions about exactly what "advice" made these new unBritish measures so necessary. "Thursday" can last until Sunday March 13th in the surreal world of parliament.

"There is nothing new about left-wing parties being taken over by factions with a totally different agenda." Frederick Forsyth recently wrote "Beware of Fascists in Blairite Clothing."

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