Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Tony Blair is facing calls for a formal investigation. He breached the official code of conduct

"Tony Blair is facing calls for a formal investigation after it emerged that he breached the official code of conduct.....Crucially, the cabinet meeting on 17 March
was given only the two-page parliamentary statement by Lord Goldsmith.
After written questions by MPs it emerged yesterday that, under the
ministers' code of conduct, the Cabinet should have seen the Attorney
General's full advice as well as his summary.

The evasions and the contradictions do not end there. .." Three articles from the Independent on the Goldsmith question. See warmwell's Goldsmith pages - now extensive.

9 March 2005 ~Today Mr Clarke will try to meet his critics half way by
conceding to their demand that judges rather than the home secretary will normally decide whether the lesser category of control orders that restrict an individual's contacts and activities should be imposed and accepting that the proposed law would have to be renewed every year by votes in both Lords and Commons. He told the Guardian that he cannot agree to replace the test of reasonable suspicion with a higher level of proof, the so-called balance of probabilities See Guardian.

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