Friday, March 11, 2005


What did the "security services" really say?

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that to accept either the amendment on the sunset clause or the other amendment to change the burden of proof
would be contrary to the strong advice given to us by our security services and our police .
Lord Falconer was asked by the Earl of Onslow early this morning: 'Have the security services told the Government that the security of the country will be at risk if we have a sunset clause?" To the astonishment of peers, the minister replied: "No, my Lords, they have not."
News of the progress of the Bill - articles as they arrive.
(The Register comments, " the main battle now seems to be for electoral advantage, with Tony Blair taking every opportunity to portray the Tory opposition as being 'soft on terror.'...what happens after midnight on Sunday, presents us with the interesting prospect, if Tony Blair eventually gets his way, of control orders imposed without charges or trial, and enforced by the private sector ..")

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