Friday, April 01, 2005


'extensive, detailed and authoritative' said Blair in 2003 ..... "Dead wrong" said US report yesterday - but no one is to blame.

You may remember that in Albert and the Lion, the Lion ate Albert (whole) after the "fine little lad" had poked it in the ear, by means of his long Woolworths stick, because the lion's position "just didn't seem right to the child." The Zoo Manager, apprised of his lion's retaliative action, took out his purse straight away ...

In spite of the decent, voluntary and old-fashioned accountability shown by the zoo manager, Mother wasn't entirely happy about this solution and up she and Father went in front of "the magistrate chap" He, gave his opinion that "no one was really to blame" and hoped that Mrs Ramsbottom would have other sons to her name.

Not unlike Lord Hutton, Lord Butler and even the US Commission.

The Independent contrasts the language of Hutton and Butler reports with yesterday's US 618-page report on intelligence in the United States.

No report blamed any politicians.

In passing, we note that Mr Charles Clarke, on the subject of Jonathan King, said on the radio today "it was unacceptable that he seemed not to accept that what he had done was wrong."

We still cannot find an up-to-date figure for the killed and wounded sons of Britain in Iraq.
The faces of Tony Blair and George Bush, the one irritated by all the continuing silly fuss about Iraq, and the other declaring that he's going to shake up the Intelligence Services, makes one long for a sharp Woolworths stick.

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