Tuesday, April 05, 2005


prepare for voting fraud on a massive scale

"This election could be stolen: prepare for voting fraud on a massive scale" writes  Camilla Cavendish in the Times.

I had not realised that Camilla Cavendish points out that it was only the astonishing incompetence of the Birmingham crooks has brought all this to light.
    "First, returning officers started to receive phone calls inquiring whether they would count envelopes that had been opened and resealed, containing votes which had been altered (answer yes). Next, bewildered people went to the polls to be told that they had already voted. And then opposition parties were amazed to discover that certain Muslim areas had swung towards Labour in the heat of the Iraq war. The vote-riggers had overplayed their hand..."
She writes that the Government was warned of these problems by Muslim groups, by the Electoral Commission and by its own MPs - and accused them all of "scaremongering"
It really is an astonishing story - even for this government - who are still trying to have us believe that this was one tiny little isolated incident.
    In criminal courts recently there have been convictions for cheating in areas as diverse as Hackney, Guildford and Blackburn. The Electoral Reform Society predicts that many MPs may be challenged on the legitimacy of their victory, if next month’s election is close. If the general election were to be decided by a court rather than by the ballot box, that would be an astonishing indictment of British democracy....

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