Tuesday, July 19, 2005


No,no, Comrades...what our President really said was that he'd fire anyone guilty of a CRIME

cried Squealer almost pleadingly, skipping from side to side and whisking his tail ...

With regard to the Karl Rove leak scandal, President Bush promised to fire anyone with responsibility for the leak of the CIA agent, Valerie Plame's name.

He now says that he would only fire the person if they were shown to be guilty of a crime.


Professor Juan Cole comments satirically:

"You can only imagine the 2006 newspaper headline: "Bush Pledges to Fire anyone Proven Guilty of Genocide."

Meanwhile, following the takeover and destruction that was justified in part by the nonsense Valerie Plame's husband had the temerity to reveal, Iraq looks closer than ever to the bloodiest of civil wars. The innocent - men, women, children, babies - are caught up in horrors that I can't really begin to imagine. It is there at the back of my mind all the time, however. I can't turn away from it entirely. That is why I go on writing - and reading. Hour after hour. If only it did some good...

I read this morning that "Just as Iraqi women were anticipating a new era of democracy and freedom, a wave of intimidation by extremist groups has arisen to crush their hopes."
Women in Iraq are suffering in ways that they were spared even in the days of Saddam Hussein. As this report from
opendemocracy.net shows, "there is silence from world leaders, religious leaders, politicians and the media."

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