Saturday, July 16, 2005


slithering into denial

A radio exchange between the BBC's political editor, Andrew Marr, and its security correspondent, Frank Gardner, who was left disabled by an al-Qaida attack in Saudi Arabia last year, and which I listened to in grim amazement, was quoted in the Guardian See Seumas Milne's It Is an Insult to the Dead to Deny the Link with Iraq

Iraqi Blogger Jailed

July 16 2005 ~ Iraqi blogger Khalid has been, as Juan Cole puts it, "tossed into jail, apparently for being critical of the Iraqi government on the Web". The arrest was first reported by Riverbend.

Please consider writing in protest. The email address is" .

July 16 2005 ~ "The uneasy truce inside the Labour Party over the London bombings ended last night as an ex-cabinet minister and left-wing Labour MPs linked the attacks with the war in Iraq.

Left-wing Labour MPs said they would use a conference in London today to pile the pressure on Tony Blair to hasten the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. And Clare Short, the former cabinet minister, said in a television interview to be broadcast tomorrow that she "had no doubt" that the bombings were connected to the Iraqi conflict..

." Independent

July 16 2005 ~ The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that three British soldiers have been killed by a suspected roadside bomb while serving in Iraq BBC

July 16 2005 ~ US soldiers are charged with assaulting suspected Iraqi insurgents in custody, US officials say. BBC

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