Friday, July 15, 2005


US torture, UK bomb factory was not using "military"ingredients after all - and was Joseph Wilson telling the exact truth?

July 14-15 2005 ~ Valerie Plame: The Washington Post editorial casts doubt on the honesty of both sides - not to mention the real facts behind the Niger claim. "......Whether Mr. Rove or others behaved in a way that amounted to criminal, malicious or even merely sleazy behavior will turn on what they knew about Ms. Plame's employment. Were they aware she was a covert agent? Did they recklessly fail to consider that before revealing her involvement? How they learned about Ms. Plame also will matter: Did the information come from government sources or outside parties?

It may be that Mr. Rove, or someone else, will turn out to be guilty of deliberately leaking Ms. Plame's identity, knowing that it would blow her cover. Or officials may have conspired to cover up a leak or lied about it under oath. For now, however, it remains to be established that such misconduct occurred...."

July 14-15 2005 ~Valerie Plame/Karl Rove case - "A few paces off the Senate floor, Plame's husband, a former diplomat, criticized Bush's deputy chief of staff and chief political strategist in personal terms. ``I made my bones confronting Saddam Hussein. ... Karl Rove made his bones by dirty political tricks,'' said Joseph Wilson, who served as U.S. ambassador to Iraq during the first Persian Gulf War. At the news conference hosted by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., Wilson said he has been targeted by a ``smear campaign launched from the West Wing of the White House.'' Guardian

July 14-15 2005 ~ A Pentagon investigation has provided the clearest proof yet that the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib which shocked the world was in largely "road-tested" at the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Independent

Leading article: Abu Ghraib was not the exception; it was the rule

"There are some documents whose content is so consistently shocking that the individual details it catalogues start to seem banal. The report by the US military on treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay appears to be a prime example of the genre.

This report, submitted to the US Senate Armed Services Committee, assesses the treatment meted out to detainees at the "facility" that subsequently became known as Camp Delta. It identifies only three instances where US Army policy was breached. And none was considered serious enough for the Army to reprimand the then commandant of the camp, Maj-Gen Geoffrey Miller...."

July 14-15 2005 ~ London Bombing: "I've been told by people close to the investigation that this quantity of explosive that has been recovered at the house in Leeds - some of it is still in there - is in fact acetone peroxide," BBC Newsnight reporter Mark Urban said.

"This is a shocking development in the sense that earlier ideas about commercial or military grade explosive being used in the bombs themselves would therefore seem to be wrong."

July 14-15 2005 ~ Legality of the war
Telegraph "....a debate in the Lords on Thursday to condemn the investigations, which they say are severely undermining morale. They believe that troops are being "hung out to dry" while the Prime Minister has yet to clarify the legality of the war. .." See also Online Journal

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