Monday, August 15, 2005


Britain has the most draconian terrorism laws in Europe — and much good it has done.

As usual, Simon Jenkins is both highly quotable and sharp as a diamond - an antidote to my own sometimes woolly overview of things.

Here he is in the Sunday Times balancing elegantly between two valid positions. There is the anger that many feel at the groups who squat around in the UK luring young Moslems into acts of mindless violence in the name of "religion" and the feeling that of course they should be sent packing and who cares what happens when they are.

Then, there is the deeply worrying thought that much of the post September 11 political anti-terror shenanigans is flawed and phoney and has done our society a great deal of harm. And, after the July bombing in London, it is getting very much worse.

I have certainly tended to lean towards the second and veered away from the first, my liberal eyes averted. Simon Jenkins, however, looks at all aspects of the question and his article It's Pure Torture for Tony must be read in full. While appreciating the difficulties the government faces, there are still some rapier thrusts here, cutting through the government's muddle and exposing them for what they are:

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