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Email received (October 2010) from a farmer in Lincolnshire concerned about the mega dairy proposed for Nocton - but concerned also that if it is refused permission, a large pig farm may resume production in its place. She was responding to the thought that " Enlightened and non-preachy education seems to me to be the only hope - and there are so many so-called educated people around who haven't a clue about the implications of what they are buying. "

Hi Mary
Yes I agree people can be well educated but sometimes  very detached from the realities of where food comes from; possibly by choice. Thankfully, good advocates like Hugh FW will help. "Lambing Live" had a great effect last year, with dog walkers coming to talk to me about my sheep - so I put a notice board up - which caused a bit of consternation amongst my farming friends at first! 

I think our farmers have to take some responsibility in both being more open to new ideas and accepting that sometimes there are some poor farmers who put the welfare low on the list of priorities- my friends have welfare standards to be proud of but do not market themselves at all well. 

I think that the people moving in to rural areas should realise that the countryside has to evolve or it will be built on and that it is not there to provide picture perfect vistas from their windows. Farmers have to be less closed and invite people to see the farms in their working glory.  I have found that informing people about what is going on with my sheep has seen more positive results than negative ones.

I can talk endlessly sometimes!
Rosey Timmis-Norton
 Heighington, Lincoln. LN4 1RQ