"Thank you for getting rid of Saddam, now America, GO HOME ! "

Have just watched on Channel 4 news American soldiers murdering a little girl in a car and then injuring some innocents walking down the road. The yanks could not give a toss. They realised they had made a mistake but could not be bothered to look to see if they were alive or dead. This was left to a reporter who ran over the road to the car and came running back with a little girl who had been shot in the head.The soldiers just looked on. Lounging with backs against a wall, chewing on gum, puffing on cigaretts and looking like hoodlums from the Mafia. They also looked pissed or were high on drugs.As they were in Vietnam.


On the car radio today I heard a young Iraqi of 25 being interviewed. He said something like.

" This is the first time in my life I have had freedom of speech. Thank you for getting rid of Saddam, now America, GO HOME ! "

Now the real war starts.Send in the puppets and share out the spoils!

I thank God that I think as I do, because as time goes on, those that were FOR this War will be feeling disgust and total SHAME !

'Find the Weapons of Mass Destruction' was the war cry. They have yet to find them. But that doesn't bother them, and that cry may well be echoed as Iran and Syria may well be next on Bush's list. So what will Tony Blair do when George (Dubious) Bush asks him to join the next 'coalition of the killing'?

One key to understanding American motivation to war, is that the invoicing of oil, in Iraq (and anywhere else), in euros, instead of in US dollars, is a 'terrorist' threat to the US obscene debts. If the euro becomes a competitor (i.e. more free enterprise) to the US dollar, America will lose its monopoly reserve currency position, and will not be able to pay off those massive debts. It is already bankrupt, but not apparent. It will become apparent when its financial hegemony is challenged by the euro.

To preempt that, the US will impose the dollar as the external trading currency, and possibly as the internal trading currency. Already I have observed (on TV) British soldiers paying Umm Qasr dock workers, in US dollars.

.....My sentiments entirely on the B&Bs of this world. I actually cannot bear to look at them on television.

I must admit to wondering whether 'we' were right to go into Iraq after all and liberate it's inhabitants from Saddam......then I read the insiders views published on warmwell and know I have to keep faith with my original intuition. I was not against the last Gulf War when Kuwait was being attacked, nor against protecting the Falkland Islanders. This latest war is about bullies defeating another bully in order to hijack his oil.
Weapons of mass destruction??? The spies made quite sure there were none BEFORE the bullies ordered the troups in with theirs!