Mr George Anderson of Scottish National Heritage (SNH) is about to seal the
fate of ALL the Hedgehogs on the Scottish Islands of Uists and Benbecula.
Even though a collective group of supporters and animal welfare workers
(Under the name Uist Hedgehog Rescue (UHR) have offered support, finance and
to rehome all the hedgehogs.  Mr Anderson thinks that culling them, is the
better alternative. How terribly sad and pathetic that we seem to have the
taste for 'culling' in this Country these days.

He has accused the (UHR) of actually jeopardising the welfare of the
hedgehogs in regards, to what they are planning.  He would rather see them,
given a lethal injection and then gassed. (One step up from smashing their
brains out - we have advanced since fmd). How many times have we seen these
tactics employed?  The slandering and discrediting of caring understanding
compassionate people? It is always there, for them, to resort to, isn't it?

On Monday if this all goes ahead the welfare workers will be forced to work
along side the (SNH) workers.  One trying to save them - the other to kill
What harm did they ever do?  They take the eggs to survive, that's all.  How
can anyone say that  to 'kill' any creature in order that another may
survive is right.  There is a solution on offer.With no effort or cost
involved for Mr Anderson and the SNH.  (I wonder how long before we will be
using these tactics to kill cats when the population of some birds in our
towns and gardens start to disappear)? Or some other mad cap scheme pops up!

Advocated for Animals has asked if you will all please write a 'polite'
email to Mr George Anderson, explaining why this is all so wrong.


Please, URGENTLY, send 'polite' e-mails to George Anderson. Remind him that
the 'conservation' quango SNH is carrying out this slaughter AGAINST public
wishes, and using TAXPAYERS' MONEY. Ask him why, when there is a viable and
humane alternative, is SNH hell bent on this course of mass slaughter.

Thank You


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