Friday, 31 July 2003


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CIWF Uncovers EU Plan to Allow British Horses to be Exported for Slaughter

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) today reveals evidence which proves that the EU is planning to allow horses to be exported from the UK for slaughter.

For around 30 years, the export of horses, ponies and donkeys from the UK for slaughter abroad has been banned.

The proposed new Regulation on the transport of animals recently published by the European Commission will force the UK to drop its current ban on the export of horses for slaughter. Horses and ponies from the New Forest and Dartmoor will be exported to the continent where they will be slaughtered for meat.

Peter Stevenson, CIWF Political and Legal Director said, Horses are poor travellers and suffer immensely if they are sent on long journeys to continental abattoirs. The British Government must act quickly to insist that Brussels reinstates the derogation which allows Britain to ban the export of these animals for slaughter, and which is in danger of being removed by the EU.

There is already a huge trade in horses sent from Eastern Europe to Italy for slaughter. CIWF has extensive video footage and still images which reveal the great suffering inflicted on horses sent on these long journeys. They become increasingly exhausted during transport. Many get injured, and some simply fail to survive the long journeys, dying en route.

This coming Thursday, 7th August, the annual sale of New Forest Ponies will take place. This year they will stay in the UK. Next year they could end up being trucked across the continent before being slaughtered.

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