What strikes me about today's stories (especially the 'more than one source') is how exactly this mirrors what happened to us during FMD - especially when there were some of those stories that replicated themselves in several newspapers and we later discovered from 'the horse's mouth' that they had been 'made up' by certain untrustworthy pseudo-journalists who were into trying to make money out of their 'stories' - very similar to a little game we used to play in large open plan offices where we would start a rumour going in one direction and see how long it took to get back to us from the other end of the room - naturally much embellished and changed!

This does not even have to be deliberate - the pseudo-journalists we know about used to fire the story off in several directions - thank good ness we saw through them when we met them and they were too busy showing off to realise what they had revealed to some of us (amazing how many still think women are merely bimbos!)! But it does make me very cynical and suspicious of all sources nowadays - whenever a new and interetsing story comes up I have to do a 'risk assessment' as to how likely it is to be from a contaminated source!

Thank good ness MOST of the people we dealt with thru the FMD horror were real honest journalists - and SOME papers do still have people who seek out the truth.