Tuesday, 15 July 2003


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New EU Animal Transport Proposals are Fatally Flawed

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) today publicly stated that the European Commission animal transport proposals (due to be published Wednesday 16th July) will not put a stop to animals being transported from one end of Europe to another, often in journeys of 40-90 hours.

They are playing a game of smoke and mirrors, accused Peter Stevenson, CIWF Political and Legal Director, We expect the proposals to state 9 hour maximum journeys, but importantly this is only before a break, the journeys can then probably resume for another 9 hours ad infinitum. We are demanding an absolute maximum of 8 hours before they reach the slaughterhouse.

CIWF has been campaigning for over 30 years to reduce the live animal transport trade, preferring to see a trade in meat across the EU. The organisation has a significant amount of undercover investigation video showing the cruelty of the trade. The most recent film was released on July 1st this year, revealing that up to 2,000,000 animals a year experience tremendous suffering in being transported across the EU. Italy is at the centre of this trade being one of the biggest importers of cattle, horses, pigs and sheep from other Member States and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

 This is the final hurdle, said Mr Stevenson, There is no good economic reason to transport live animals rather than carcases. The EU must see the cruelty of the current system and implement fundamental reform.

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