Last night Woolas said he had not received a letter from the BBC. Far
from being apologetic, he was furious.

"The BBC is behaving like a minor opposition party, not like a public
corporation. Andrew Gilligan has not responded to the points I raised,
or heard the conclusions of the committee, but if the BBC wants to play
politics they are welcome.

"If the public is unhappy with me they can sack me, but to whom is the
BBC accountable?"

With comments such as that being made, I can't help but wonder:

1) Why aren't the "minor opposition parties" jumping on the BBC
bandwagon?? Surely that would help both themselves and the BBC? Where
are Kennedy and Duncan-Smith?

2) I'd love to know how the public could actually "sack" people such as
Woolas..... or even Campbell or Blair himself come to that

3) When Woolas asks to whom is the BBC accountable, to whom does he
propose making it accountable? No don't answer that one....