I thought that I'd just drop you a line after reading your article : " Dark actors playing games" ,  about Dr David Kelly,  in which you wrote this :
Not one but 60 farmers and stockholders committed suicide during the hectoring insanity of the foot and mouth crisis.
My heart goes out to the family of Dr Kelly,   and I know all too well the feelings which he must have experienced as he went on his last walk.
Last summer I also went to my favourite woodland and then took an overdose.    My son came out searching for me several hours later,   and I was taken to hospital in an air ambulance.
This 37 acre block of woodland,  bounded on one side by the River Ottery,   was the land which Defra deemed to be contiguous to an un-confirmed outbreak of FMD on a farm a further 1/2 mile away.
The police blocked our farm entrance with riot vans and all our farm animals were then slaughtered with no blood testing or veterinary inspection of the animals being carried out,  purely on  the " false science " of the Contiguous Cull which was authorised by Tony Blair in March 2001.
Following the slaughter of our animals on April 2nd 2001,   Defra,  under the instructions of their legal department in Page Street,   then imprisoned and totally isolated us on our farm for twelve months under a Form A which declared that our animals were confirmed to have been infected with FMD.
We were granted a Judicial Review for Discrimination under the Human Rights Act,    but during the months which followed we were subjected to a constant barrage of threats and intimidation from Page Street,  the Chief Veterinary Officer,  Fred Landeg and senior vets from our local Animal Health Department in Truro.
Like Dr Kelly,  not everyone is strong enough to withstand the intimidation,  manipulation and threats which politicians and their civil servants choose to protect themselves with complete disregard of innocent people's lives.
with best wishes,