Saturday March 8, 2003


The prime minister must be stopped from waging a war of unprovoked aggression which would be illegal, immoral and vehemently opposed by an increasing number of voters. The world cannot afford this mistake. MPs of all parties must do whatever it takes to stop Blair. You must oppose a war which might be more dangerous to win than to lose.

You now have a great responsibility. If you let us down, then parliament will be seen as even more flawed than is already known. We will call for the May 1 elections to be a solemn vote of no confidence in it.
Michael Alexander
Nick Bailey
Laura Biddington
Dr Alan Bullion
Amal Chatterjee
Robin C Clarke
Melanie Clifford
Suzon Forscey-Moore
Cllr John Hipkin
Prof Peter Kornicki
Ann Mallaby
Michael Mansfield QC
Diana Mitchell
Ken Norman
Rose Rogers
Dr Christine Russell
Vicky Russell
Mark Rylance
Marisa Sarda
Nick Savage
Nicholas Spice
Jane Swire
Dr Jim Swire
Janet Walker
Esther E Wheatley