What the BBC's Royal Charter Guarantees

The full text of the BBC Charter and Agreement is available on a separate page

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a) Public Service provision,
b) Reflect Cultural Diversity,
c) Comprehensive news coverage at home and abroad to support fair and informed debate,...
g) Reflect lives and concerns of local and national audiences.

Regional Advisory Councils
Objectives - to advise on all matters which affect the interests of persons in that region. Their procedure shall be determined independently and members will receive all expenses.

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25 Jan 1996 - Agreement between the Secretary of State for heritage and the BBC (with treasury minutes).

An example from the agreement:

8.3 If and whenever in the opinion of the Secretary of State an emergency shall have arisen in which it is expedient in the public interest that Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom shall have control over the broadcasting or transmission of any matter whatsoever by means of the stations or any of them, it shall be lawful for the Secretary of State to direct and cause the stations or any of them or any part thereof to be taken possession of in the name and on behalf of Her Majesty and to prevent the Corporation from using them, and also to cause the stations or any of them or any part thereof to be used for Her Majesty's service, or to take such other steps as he may think fit to secure control over the stations or any of them, and in that event any person authorised by the Secretary of State may enter upon the stations or any of them and the offices and works of the Corporation or any of them and take possession thereof and use the same as aforesaid.

Charter available on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk
HMSO, 0171 873 9090, 0117 926 4306 or 01232 325672

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