BBC Bias - Seminar held at University of London 31.5.03  
Extracts from a report made by Christine Constable

Around 80 people went to discuss BBC bias, the anti communism
dissident (refusenik) Vladimir Bukovsky was in attendance with a
number of people (David Keighley-Minotaur Media Tracking; Jerry
Wraith; John Kelly - Freedom Association; being of particular note).
I have to say I have rarely sat so silently scribbling with my jaw
dropping at the kinds of abuse the BBC are perpetrating against the
English people.  The more I get involved ...(in politics)..., the more
disturbing the evidence seems to be that someone somewhere wants to
totally destroy this country.

Vladimir Bukovsky gave an emotional story about how he had encouraged
others to go on a hunger strike (difficult when you were already
starving) and how, despite choosing to come to England, he was finding
many disturbing signs rearing their head in this country, that
reminded him of the old Soviet Union.

.....manipulation of complaints procedures, pro Government
propaganda on contentious issues, lack of democracy/consultation,
centralisation and clamping down of free speech.  ....
The Seminar discussed the BBC Charter.  Minotaur Tracking were able to
prove that the BBC is in breach of its obligation to live up to the
terms contained within the Charter .....
The BBC self selects the complaints it wishes to pursue, it can reject
any number of complaints and in so doing does not have to record these
as complaints received.  The BBC has no external monitoring, it
investigates its own complaints to a relatively high level.

Examples were given of BBC employees attending pro European Functions
(Euan Davis speaking at a Britain in Europe Meeting)

The BBC have taken 96 Million Euros from the EU Investment Bank and a
condition of the taking of this loan is to "further the objectives of
EU Community Policies in the Construction of the European Union"

........An ex BBC journalist at the meeting was able to confirm that Question
Time is totally stage managed and manipulated - nothing that surprised
any of us!

Many ex- BBC Journalists find themselves working for 10 Downing Street
and many people in Downing Street have found employement at the BBC!

Things appear to be so bad, that the left wing Liberal Institute were
even in attendance at the Seminar to say how dangerous the whole
situation was becoming for democracy itself and that changes needed to
be made.

...  The BBC Bias initiative and a further 50 action groups (are) all
seeking the same structural changes in the BBC.

A good first meeting of the group