I wonder how many cows it would take to produce this amount of methane?

Sunday Herald's article on June 15 2003

"Toxic Scotland finally revealed in shock study"

in which it is revealed that "ScottishPower, BP, and Scottish & Southern Energy (sse) spew far more climate-wrecking gases into the atmosphere than other companies. And toxins that cause cancer, brain damage and blood poisoning are legally being emitted by dozens of other sites across the country.
"To the delight of campaigners and the discomfort of major companies, Sepa is publishing the nation's first pollution register, covering 36 chemical emissions from 108 sites. It shows that last year 26.7 million tonnes of pollutants were put into the air, 31,212 tonnes were discharged into water and 11,846 tonnes to sewers. Smaller amounts of potentially deadly metals are also contaminating the environment.
The extent of the pollution has surprised Sepa and alarmed environmental groups, who fear it is putting human health at risk. 'Easy public access to environmental information is essential if we are to have environmental justice in Scotland,' said Duncan McLaren, chief executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland.
'For too long, too many companies have been getting away with excessive pollution, simply because they knew the public was being kept in the dark over emissions. Now, for the very first time in Scotland, the ordinary person will have the power to confront industrial polluters head on.' ..."

"England, the US, Canada and many other countries have long had comprehensive public records of their polluters, unlike Scotland.... "

Joyce writes:

And about time too! Makes a pleasant?! change from farmers getting the blame. I wonder how many cows it would take to produce this amount of methane?