"This massive dose we are all having of Campbell spin soup, plus all the other dubious politicians, is quite awful. I really think they do not have the ability to see/understand that people value honesty, when it really comes to it, and I do believe there will be very significant repercusssions due to lack of trust in the establishment.

I read a very interesting article yesterday by Janet Daley, (Telegraph) who reckons that Campbell will go pretty soon, and that so will Blair, because B canot exist without him. The two of them represented the New Labour package, and consequently their fortunes are inextricably linked.

Even if they go, I just think of the massive damage they have caused to different sectors of the community, and to establishments/departments and how they are run - the whole ethos has been changed by the spin and deceit. They have made me so cynical that I am tempted to wonder if the Barschak fiasco was set up to cause the diversion that Campbell instructs his staff to create in order to bury bad news. (I heard something about C's techniques in staff training when I was listening to a radio interview with someone who used to work with him - it could have been Sixsmith. I was disturbed, to say the least)..."

Warmwell note. From the leader in the Telegraph today: