As to the latest campbell fiasco - my daughter was telling me about it - I said I had read the transcript - she said 'you need to watch the interview' - and she is right - the body language is very telling indeed.

If you have real player you can Google on: channel 4 campbell and see it all!

After I had listened to the whole farrago - I went back thru the link to the Downing Street site and read BOTH of the infamous dossiers AND watched Tony Blair last september in the commons - the whole think is a ridiculous diversion- and the body language of Tony (altho well tutored) does not tie so well with the words and the voice -

Interesting that all the 'hawks' feel the Beeb was far too 'anti-war' - when, as a 'dove' I always noticed that the balance was always much too pro-war - which probably shows that the BBC is much fairer than one thinks - especially when there are two much more obvious 'sides'

In things like the GM reportage there is still far too much 'press release' reportage which is really coming from those with a large advertising budget!