I couldn't watch PM's question time. I lasted 2 minutes and then had to turn off the TV before I did it some damage! But we shouldn't be surprised, he lied all through FMD and he's still lying now. Aarrrhhhh.... !! And no we won't get a proper inquiry... B*stards!!.......
(Sorry!).... that's better! :-)
Thanks for the very interesting link for the Delphi Technique, which I hadn't heard of before. Unfortunately the url given is wrong it should be:- http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/1998/nov98/focus.html the "l" is missing from the end. While Googling for it I opened a right can of worms which unfortunately I haven't time to follow up. But the gist is that American schools are being deliberately dumbed down, and a compliant, ill educated population being formed. No surprise there, it's what state education is all about, but it does seem to have got worse over the last couple of decades, you know my views about *Connexions.

(See warmwell democracy watch page from last October)