As you will all be aware, I have for many months been reasonably well focussed on my attemps to obtain an admittance of guilt & accountability from some or all of the Government Ministers and Civil Servants who quite simply turned a crisis into a wholesale disaster due primarily to political priorities & incompetence.
A particular interest to me was the DEFRA Minister Morley who blatantly lied to the Agricultural Select Committee & by definition to the British public. You will all be aware of the evidence I have to subsrtantiate this accusation & despite putting this evidence to a variety of sources including Morley I have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation. Indeed Morley`s lie was was completely ignored (along with much other evidence) by Prof Thomas the Chairman of the Cumbrian Inquiry.
I finally turned to my MP Mr David Maclean. I met david & presented him with the questions attached. His reply arrived today & is also attached.
You can imagine how I feel! More importantly I am particularly interested to know how YOU all feel about this & what advice you could offer me in my search to finally "put to bed this nightmare"! I will not rest until there has been some admittance of guilt & some accountability. Am I wrong & wherer do I go now?
Kind Regards.