That anyone one of our soldiers should lose their lives in this  war is sad beyond words. But, I cannot help but feel anger when I hear Tony Blair say that a full inquiry  will take place to determine how these  friendly fire deaths occured.
If only he had been so quick off the mark concerning foot and mouth.  Sadly, no one was lisening, and no one was bothered. No 'job' on the line scenerio!
How different the attitude when he is having to justify why our young men are being killed out in Iraq. Yes, I imagine we will have a 'full inquiry'.  Why should we not? Let's blame the weapons, the Iraqi's, the weather, the terible conditions when fighting a war - let's blame anyone or anything, other then Prime Minister Blair. Will we have a 'full inquiry' if it all goes terribly wrong?  I doubt it very much.
I thought that inquiries were meant to establish the TRUTH. Not to be used if and when the needs arises to gain support - from a Counry that thinks this war is wrong.
Nineteen was the age of one young soldier that was killed.  Brave far beyond his years - but I wonder if he really understood what this war is all about?  Come to that, do any of us?