The site just shows what a corrupt World we live in.

How funny for Mark Purdey to be helping someone in the middle of nowhere to be told about railway sleepers being shipped to us in 2000. The truth has to come out sometime. Perhaps we will see Anderson and his Imp college team burned at the stake.

The reason that BSE, Cjd and scrapie are all related to the prion theory is that it is totally corrupt science. If the alternative view is correct it comes down to big companies killing us. Just think of the law suits. This is not going to be allowed to happen.That is why funding is been withdrawn from the scientists with an alternative view.

I really feel sorry for future generations of animals because they will be farmed in big sheds, never going outside. This is already going on in Poland. As you have stated this large scale indoor farming creates disease and killing on a massive scale. Avian Flu..... just look at the numbers being killed. Nature will hit back some day and kill of the arrogant human beings, there is nothing surer.

Keep well and thankyou .

Michael & Sandra