I can't remember if you picked it up at the time - but an interesting set of articles.

I have only skimmed through Peter Siddons' stuff. I notice his account of how the government/EU double might work. Unpalatable policies, desired for whatever reason by the UK government are floated into place without public scrutiny through the EU bureaucracy. They can then be presented as 'fait accompli' and blamed on the EU. The UK enforcement bodies then do the business by interpreting the EU regulation to suit the covert purpose [like closing down all the small, local independent abattoirs - leaving only the Supermarket linked industrial plants]. I would add to Peter Siddons' explanation, the probable role of incentives and even direct bribery in the process. The civil servants who operate the system can be subverted by the rich and powerful - like the global scale multinationals that want to corner the World food market using patented GMs etc., Supermarkets, arms manufacturers, etc. The subversion might be through offers of 'rotating door' or 'retirement' jobs or direct bribes - payments into Swiss or Cayman Island accounts - not necessarily to the civil servant doing the work and taking the decisions - but to someone who can influence, 'fix' and manage. Such people do exist.