I see in the Guardian that Michael Meacher is furious with the FSA and Sir John Krebs for failing to do as promised and carry out some proper research into whether organic food has nutritional or safety benefits over traditionally-produced food.

Didn't I read on warmwell somewhere that John Krebs' appointment to the chair of the FSA raised many eyebrows at the time of the FSA's inception? Was I wrong to infer that he was the chosen one because he would put no spoke in the juggernaut progress of GM?

Michael Meacher is supposed to be boosting the UK's organic production from 30% of existing demand to 70% by 2010. If he thinks he's going to get the backing of the FSA for this he is surely naive?

If I were really a conspiracy theorist (and heaven forfend) I would see that the FSA exists solely to oversee the demise of the traditional livestock farming (fear of TSE's etc) and to spread contempt for the idea of organic food - in order to pave the way for dependence on GM crops. Not only are there mega bucks to be made - but also political control over food production. The last thing a centralised government wants is self sufficiency.

In today's Guardian there is a very waspish retort from Sir John and a serious letter from Andrew George. I enclose both: