Mark Purdey writes:

I'm in Alberta digging even deeper into the dirt on Chronic Wasting Disease in deer. Its getting radioactively red hot !!

I lectured in Edmonton on Saturday at this convention on deer.

A sideline finding which may interest you and is potentially important. Whilst helping pull a mobile oil rig truck out this morning , one of the guys pointed to an abandoned railway track alongside where we were standing and told me that the sleepers had been ripped up from this track in 2000 for the sole purpose of "burning the British cows" . Remembering the mysterious stockpiling of sleepers prior to the official announcement that we had Foot and Mouth, my ears understandably pricked up. I have always been keen to learn the order date for these railway sleepers for obvious reasons.

The guy went on to tell me that they had been sent to Vancouver docks for shipping to the UK in order to fulfill an order put in by the British Government. Six months later, a further load was shipped to satisfy the UK government's order. The sleepers were shipped from Vancouver to the UK. So I am currently trying to get access to the files of the company ( via a friend of a friend ) involved in this transaction in order to get the hard evidence on the order date for these railway sleepers, which was in 2000 sometime.

Furthermore, the Canadians were banned from ever burning these sleepers in Canada, because of the toxic emissions - dioxins I would guess. I have also substantiated that these railway sleepers were annually sprayed in 245T ( the infamous 'agent orange' used to defoliate the Vietnam jungle ) ) as part of the Canadian Railways' herbicide policy to keep the railways free of weeds. So if you set fire to sleepers sourced from the Canadian railways - as we did in the UK during the Foot and Mouth crisis - then you are going to unleash dioxin gas into the atmospheres across the F and M areas. "