Re Prof. Anderson.I noted with amusement that a WHO spokesman said of Prof. Anderson, " this is a top-class professional and any figure he commits himself to is likely to be as close as possible to accurate." ....In my opinion he is indeed a 'top class professional' but in only one limited field; that being in the art of 'self-promotion' and any figure he commits himself to is 'highly unlikely to be as close to accurate as possible'.

His stated opinion that the SARS virus is more dangerous than first realised and yet not as infectious, flies in the face of all the other professionals' considered opinion and the one thing it was guaranteed to do was draw attention to Prof. Anderson.

If his recommendations concerning FMD taught us anything about him, it was certainly that a 'sharp cookie' he may be, but certainly not one to be swallowed.

Jane Barribal - Farmtalking