Mark Purdey has written to give warmwell permission to quote from his articles and letters: " ... absolutely fine by me...I think that you have selected the key critical points that are the most relevant to the UK /Euro perspective of BSE......
DEFRA , SEAC and the Royal Society ...need to be educated - they are all so out of touch with the soil and down to earth logic - to say the least - and are totally destroying our culture and heritage as a result.  And please select other items whenever you want to - feel free. makes the ...establishment realise that they have some strong opposition. 

  An extract from an email to interested parties on the internet
I am just about to publish a massive soil /
vegetation / water study that I have carried out across the TSE hotspot regions (
BSE, wasting disease, etc ) in North America over the last two years. Having
looked at 46 different metals, I have pinpointed a clear cut correlation with
the excessive levels of  two toxic metals in the soils / vegetation ( and their
radioactive emissions) that I collected from the  farm where the BSE cow
was raised and the CWD affected deer farms, etc, in Alberta / Saskatchewan and
the other TSE hotspot zones that I sampled across Colorado / Wisconsin / New

As you suggest, the presence of oil and gas wells were well evident in
virtually all of those areas. I sampled one elk farm on the borders of sakatch /
Alberta that had had forty cases of CWD, before the entire herd was slaughtered.
There was a gas well located in almost every field, and I left the farm with a
sore throat that had been caused by the presence of the fumes there. - NB;
this is probably why TSE CWD emerges in the tonsils of the deer. Its a toxicity,
nothing to do with bloody infectious agents passing from one deer to

I have subsequently traced the outbreaks of BSE in Japan ( where I was
studying two weeks ago ) to the Japanese farms which had been importing hay from
North America - being hay that had been grown on land where waste drilling mud had
been spread for disposal purposes ( Farmers are forbidden to graze this land
for one year after the treatment, but, bizarrely, are allowed to sell the hay!).
My samples showed that these toxic elements X are excessively high in
the soil and vegetation ( particularly alfalfa ) of any land which has been
treated with this waste drilling mud.

It's all so obvious what is causing this BSE problem when you get out there
into the real environment and derive some first hand experience of the cluster
areas and look for those common toxic denominators- that's why it is driving me
crazy having to listen to the world's media going on about this
hyperinfectious myth everyday of the week.

I would also like to take this opportunity to correct some disinformation
that has been publicly announced by DEFRA officials whenever the issue of '
government funding of my research'  has been raised at public meetings. For
instance, It was publicly stated by Mike Dawson of DEFRA on August 28th at Penrith
that I had been offered funding but I had turned it down. This is completely
untrue. I have never been offered funding by the UK government or anybody from the
UK in fact. My applications for funding to the UK government have only ever
been rejected and then subsequently plagiarized by the 'quango' peer reviewers
who they had appointed. A total tragedy from my personal perspective.


Mark Purdey