"...the Dutch do not take to idiotic laws all that easily"

Our government has so far not been all that busy enforcing these EU laws upon us. Just like the rule that all animals have to be tagged. We know it is there and that there have been some warnings on television but so far hardly any hobby farmer has done so.

Even the goats in the goat dairy farm, which is now a town council project, (they have about 350) are not tagged. Come to think of it neither are the animals in any of the children farms in our town.

All the small slaughterhouses here are still open and slaughtering animals is mostly still done by butchers, without the presence of a vet.

I guess our government is way behind, but on the other hand it is very difficult to have Dutch keeping to strange laws they don't believe in. As we would say: wat een onzin, nonsense!

If you look around this part of Holland you will see that a lot of sheep and goats, and sometimes even cows who belong to hobby farmers, are not tagged. I am not so certain that this has anything to do with Dutch government sanity. This has much more to do with Dutch ignoring rules. Don't forget there is a huge difference between the north and the west part of Holland.

Our town council does not have the farm animals on the farms they partly own tagged, because most of us see no reason to. It is not a very high point on their agenda.

Every one knows you can be fined for this but somehow most do not care so much. And who is going to do the fining or policing? If they start doing that they would look even more ridiculous then they do now. I am sure the pressure will go up in time but I am not so sure that the Dutch are going to stick to this even in the future - too much trouble I think most will say.

Take care,

ps, maybe you should mention the way Dutch handled the so called chicken flu? Over 80 thousand hobby chickens were saved from destruction because they were placed under cover all over Holland. This was also because Dutch do not take to idiotic laws all that easy especially not when they see no reason to do so.