Hello Jon Snow here with your Channel 4 News briefing.

Hoon "misleading" and "unhelpful":
You get back from a short break, and it's as if nothing has happened in between. Who's still in the firing line over the Government's fateful dossier on Iraq? Why Hoon, Britain's embattled Defence Secretary. At the end of July I put it to him that he needed no inquiry to determine whether he should resign over the death of the weapons expert Dr David Kelly; it was simply a matter between him and his conscience.

Well, he's still there, and now the Commons Committee that vets intelligence matters has reportedly found the same Mr Hoon guilty of "misleading" and "unhelpful" responses to their questioning. The report is a leak ahead of publication tomorrow. Mr Blair's spinmeister Alastair Campbell is apparently cleared by the Committee.

There is a whiff of a suspicion that those anxious to see him cleared leaked the report and dumped on poor old Hoon into the bargain. Anyway, Blair has leapt to Hoon's defence in the Commons, praising the splendid war he won over Iraq. More gore at seven.

Irbil car bomb:
The car bomb attack in the once ultra safe Iraqi city of Irbil, in which six Americans were wounded, one Iraqi child was killed and 41 others were injured is another devastating blow to the coalition occupying Iraq. It indicates there are now no safe cities, not even those like Irbil that have been, for more than a decade, under Kurdish control. More at seven.

New Palestinian PM:
Another new Prime Minister for Palestine, the Palestinian Authority has confirmed that Ahmed Qurie will serve. An old Oslo peace accord negotiator, he's close to Arafat, a man neither Israel nor America wants anything to do with. I've been talking to Saeb Erakat, a leading Palestinian Authority figure, who has interesting insights into Qurie and whether the roadmap is entirely dead. The pace of suicide/assassination tit-for-tat continues: today Israel tried to kill another Hamas leader, the attempt failed claiming only the man's bodyguard and child. They of course are dead. More on the viscous spiral of violence with Lindsey Hilsum at 7.00.

Pensioners lose out to council tax:
Here, five million pensioners who had much-trumpeted increases in their pensions last year had the whole lot wiped out by increases in local council taxes, according to the charity Age Concern. The pensioners are massing at the Commons today, further discomforting the Labour leadership. We are on the case.

Anti-terror laws used on protestors:
There is a high profile Arms Fair on here in London marvellously timed and located to take full advantage of the "victory in Iraq." But those seeking to protest against this export-winning job-securing exhibition are being stopped and searched under the anti-terrorism act.

A judge is being asked to investigate by the civil liberties group Liberty. The police bosses are beginning to try to distance themselves from their officers on the ground. We have an interview with their commander Trotter tonight and now the Home Office (ministry of the Interior) is wanting a report.

It's what many warned might happen - the moment you introduce draconian anti-terrorist powers, they get used at the first opportunity. One is tempted to ask whether anyone inside the exhibition has ever been guilty of supplying arms to er, terrorists..no don't let's go there tonight.

Fair Trade:
The Word Trade deliberations open in Cancun. The redoubtable Liam Halligan is there and will set out the issues, the options the chances and much more at seven.

England qualifier:
David Beckham is apparently playing Liechtenstein single handed or footed tonight at his old stomping ground Old Trafford. It's a World Cup qualifying match..might he lose? La Turton is the Correspondent on foot tonight...live from Manchester.

Progress at Ground Zero:
Finally Nicholas Glass, on 9/10, ahead of 9/11 anniversary tomorrow. Can all this mayhem really only be two-years old? He has been talking to the NY towers rebuilder Daniel Libeskind. The project, he tells us, is a tricky one, getting trickier. Fascinating watch.

See you at seven as ever is..there's a lot happening.

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