Good afternoon, Krishnan here with a taste of tonight s Channel 4 News:

BBC admits making mistakes in dossier row:
Admission of errors and apologies from the BBC today at the Hutton Inquiry. The Today programme's Andrew Gilligan and the BBC's News chief Richard Sambrook faced a tough day of cross examination.

Gilligan admitted his original allegation that the Government knew its claims were "probably wrong" might give the impression that the Government knew its claims were probably wrong. So he corrected his later broadcasts to the idea of the claims being "questionable". He also apologised for e-mailing a Lib Dem MP on the Foreign Affairs Committee and identifying Dr David Kelly as the source of Susan Watt's reports on Newsnight even though he didn't even know that to be true.

But he insists - contrary to evidence given yesterday - that he did give due warning to the Ministry of Defence about the story. Richard Sambrook admitted there were several lessons to be learnt - including not doing such complicated and controversial stories as live reports, but scripting them instead.

He also criticised Gilligan for writing those e-mails. We'll have the latest, and we hope to speaking to Gerald Kaufman MP live about what should happen next at the BBC.  More at:

Postal workers narrowly reject national strike:
It looks like the postal workers have voted against strike action. Slightly confused picture at time of writing and we don't actually have the results but that's the rumour. There could still be action in London on a different dispute. But the talks go on tomorrow - and where they will lead who knows. Steve Smith is trying to find out.

Wesley Clarke formally declares his candidacy:
General Wesley Clarke has declared his intention to run for the Democrats Presidental nomination for 2004. Can he offer a credible alternative to George W Bush and if so what is it? David Smith is finding out more about what the war hero has to offer.

Fat as a Cabinet issue?
Just look around pretty much any average street these days and you'll realise what a growing problem, literally, obesity is in this country. There are all sorts of warnings today about it leading to increased cancer threats and heart disease. But is the real problem all those extra value meals we get offered in fast food joints, restaurants and supermarkets? Its costs less to offer a bit more - and we're all paying the price in terms of our health. So should the government mount the kind of campaign against over-eating as it has against smoking, unsafe sex and drink-driving? The minister for obesity (well, not really but she may as well be) Melanie Johnson joins us.

Plus the latest on the Ruth Ellis appeal (albeit rather late for her) and a snake with two heads.

See you at seven. 


Memorial Service for Gaby Rado
There is a Memorial Service for friends and family of Gaby Rado tomorrow at 11.30am.  Unfortunately, because of the numbers involved, it is not open to members of the public.  But if you would like to follow the service we will be streaming it live on our website. Click here for more information:

Business news:
In the City the FTSE-100 share index closed down 6 points at 4293. London's benchmark Index surrendered most of the gains made in early trading today and didn't manage to maintain its position above the forty-three-hundred
mark.  Over in New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 6 points at 9574 in early trading.

UK weather:
Patchy and mostly light rain will move into western parts of both Ireland and Scotland. Another warm and sunny day for many other parts. Tonight, showery rain will edge eastwards into parts of northern England and Wales,  mainly dry to the south and east of the UK with clear spells.  Tomorrow will be much cloudier for Scotland, Ireland, Wales and northern England with patchy or showery rain. It'll be mostly dry for the south and SE.

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