The world is getting more and more dangerous - and I am not talking about the emperor's new clothes threat of "terrorism" (one syllable in Bush's voice).

The Bush gang have got the majority in the US to feel it is somehow unpatriotic to stand up for an ethical foreign policy and the protection of the Constitution...and look at what Prodi expects us - in all seriousness - to swallow about the loss of sovereignty..Just as our freedoms are given up in order to counter "terrorism" so Prodi uses the excuse of 'zero-tolerance' on fraud and mismanagement to take control of taxes - and everything else. The EU's threat to our history, culture and freedom has never been more blatant - nor has it ever been less opposed by government and the media.

The way we all felt so powerless during FMD 2001 has gradually got worse. I have no confidence that anyone has learned any lessons at all. Have you?