false certification

On www.rcvs.org.uk site today I read with disbelief that a Kent vet had actually been struck off the vets register for falsely certifying that horses were fit to be exported by stating that he had received satisfactory blood test results from a Weybridge Vet. lab. when he had not.

How does this equate with signing a certificate saying that animals had FMD disease when they had not ? Is this not also a false certification?

How could a member of the SVS inform us that blood tests on our sheep were negative for FMD when, in reply to a Parliamentary question, Mrs Margaret Beckett stated that no blood tests other than those at the infected premises had been carried out ? (We were unlucky enough to be in a 3 Km illegal firebreak cull ).

If any vet chances to read this, would you let me know because I remain flummoxed by these double standards.

Why were the vets who signed false certificates during the FMD epidemic not struck off ?