To add to the discussion re FMD exercises, I received the following e-mail from an American friend last week:

"I will be participating in a tabletop exercise for FMD at University this
coming Friday- in part it says ''this exercise will involve 3 counties in
middle-east TN, Tables will be set up for Local Governments, operations,
owner/producers, support groups and Extension service. Each table will
have the opportunity to assess needs and capabilities relevant to their
table and interact with other tables.

"Can you offer some words of advice with all that will be happening? They
will be doing a full scale all day exercise and I hope the roles we play,
incase of/in the face of a real outbreak, can avert all that happened to
you folks in the UK."

I have just received this second e-mail from her and will let you know if and when I hear any more:

"Your email came through just before I left and I was able to use it! Busy this week, so give me a bit and I will get some of the points written down- very thorough and well planned, as opposed to what
happened in UK!"