...the Kelly/Hutton/Blair affair seems like a total rerun of 2001 and FMD

- EXCEPT - that this time we are all united and aware of the situation from the outset.

In brief ,  the emerging evidence for the Hutton Inquriy is providing a damning case against Blair - which is further deepened by the role of Campbell, especially with the  no security clearance issue.   It could even be argued that Campbell, acting as gatekeeper to the PM, was in an even more powerful postion than the PM - as Campbell was deciding on the flow of  information to and from the PM.  Perhaps Blair really did not know how weak the 45 min claim was - or what Campbell was up to with the JIC and the dossier.  But of course ignorance is no defence.  What on earth is going on in a so-called democratic system?

What I  am concerned about is who we need to approach to bring all the threads together to speahead the case for TB's resignation.

The Tory party is hopeless - as basically it supported the war - and even now cannot see the  goalposts have moved.  The LIbs seem unfocussed. 

Is it 2001 all over again - ie Biggins turn.   We at least have the modus operandi, ie  network of support, - thanks to Warmwell and Mary - and we have the argument - once the facts are marshalled.  In fact I do rather wonder whether Hutton has laid all this in the public domain - as even though he cannot use it himself as his remit is so narrow - he hopes that it will be taken up and used by others.

But as yet no-one seems preparered to point the finger at Blair.  The journos too are backing off - they have made the info available - but cannot make the case.

Isn't it for us - as yours interested Member of the Public to act to set  the ball rolling - and start the big push up that mountain.  No doubt the mountain that Dot kept tellihg us about.

Each day I wait for someone to take up the call - just as I waited with FMD.  After those years of bitter experience I don't think we can afford to wait.  I think it will be up to us.

What do you think??