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August 10/13 ~ Dairy herd on the Pirbright estate

August 10/13 ~ "VS recognizes the value of milk as a sample for FMD surveillance, as well as the value of this test in moving milk safely inside of quarantine zones.." The United States Animal Health Association

August 10/13 ~ More slaughter imminent - unless movement restrictions can be eased

August 10/13 ~ " the laboratory must move into the field and test animals quickly before irreversible actions are taken." ProMed

August 10/13 ~ "The government has a responsibility to use the technologies that can identify disease before signs appear if these technologies are available. They are available, and they are being used in the lab. ."

August 10/13 2007 ~ " Whilst hoping for the best, a point source, we should have taken precaution against the worst, a plume."

August 10/13 ~ FMD - uncomfortable issues still to answer

August 10/13 2007 ~ the role of rapid on-site RT-PCR during this outbreak

August 10/13 2007 ~ We fear a bad end and a wrong answer to the question of ultimate responsibility.

August 10 2007 ~" If the present policy is successful, it will be a measure of good luck in ignoring these two variables..."

August 10 2007 ~ Miserable news. We got so used to this in 2001...

August 10 2007 ~ "..we could still find ourselves in the bizarre situation where the meat on the shelves is imported from countries where Foot and Mouth Disease is prevalent "

August 10- 13 2007 ~ Suspect animals were to be monitored, not immediately culled on suspicion

August 10 2007 ~ " it has been decided not to vaccinate at this time."

August 10 2007 ~ Information about differentiation tests needs to be clearer. (Boring but very important)

August 10 2007 ~ NFU moves towards court case

August 10 2007 ~ New Case is NOT foot and mouth "I just wanted to be 100% sure"

August 10 2007 ~ A new possible case. A New Temporary Control Zone

August 10 2007 ~ Defra can find the time and money to send us all pointless bumph that we don't need, let alone have time to read, but when the countryside is hit with something like FMD we get absolutely nothing

August 9 ~ The Ministry knows best....

August 9 ~ Bad news that can't be buried

August 9 ~ "the worker bees at the local Defra office do try to be helpful, despite the insane orders they receive from headquarters..."

August 9 ~ Another twist - of the knife

August 9 ~ Updated questions and answers at DEFRA

August 9 ~ Dutch Socialist Party MP backs vaccination and calls for EU policy to be changed to make vaccination compulsory

August 9 ~ "Some days I've taken 12 showers" says Dr. John Copps, deputy director of the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnepeg

August 9 ~ New cull involves "suspected"cows - but also sheep, pigs and goats at a farm advertised as "free range"

August 9 ~ EU says restrictions are to stay in place at least until 25 August.

August 9 ~ Cracked Mirror

August 8 ~ Of course vaccination should have been the immediate reaction for all susceptible animals considered to be at risk.

August 8 ~ There's more at stake than paying compensation to farmers if Pirbright is found to be responsible for the leak

August 8 ~ Restrictions eased for movement to slaughter and for fallen stock for "certain parts of the country"

August 8 ~ Allotment is out of the picture

August 8 ~ Continued reliance on the NFU as an authority is perverting coverage

August 8 ~ Culling is solely to protect our beef export industry, whilst supermarkets happily continue importing beef from FMD endemic countries

August 8 ~ No punches pulled

August 8 ~ " I stopped eating my cornflakes and wondered how Catlow would respond.."

August 8 ~ Vets and government officials were last night debating whether to start vaccinating

August 8 ~ No news is good news

August 7/8 2007 ~ A prototype on-site rapid diagnostic machine is being used in Surrey

August 7/8 ~ Was it Bill or was it Ben?

August 7 2007 ~ The two farms' cleansing and disinfection is to be paid for, says Hilary Benn, "due to the exceptional circumstances"

August 7 2007 ~ HSE initial report statement released - accidental or deliberate human activity suspected

August 7 ~ The Netherlands order vaccine - and are inspecting every imported animal

August 7 ~ Media concentration on 'who is to blame' and mention of "compensation" is a red herring for decent farmers

August 7 2007 ~ Brigadier Birtwhistle can only cite "consumer confidence" as an argument against vaccination

August 7 2007 ~ "authorities will indeed find it easier to avoid massive stamping-out strategies." Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE

August 7 2007 ~ "... the classical scenario to use vaccination successfully without, in the long term, compromising the export status of the whole of the UK."

August 7 2007 ~" These cattle do not benefit at all from all the work on FMD vaccines done on their doorstep..."

August 7 2007 ~ Disposal -best scientific analysis deems it necessary to carry carcases 90 miles on roads?

UPDATE: We now hear that the closest incineration plant to the protection zone (Harry Hawkins) was unavailable because there were animals still on site "posing another disease risk, and logistical problems"; the second nearest shut down for repairs (Canterbury Mills); next closest actually was the Wessex plant in Frome. It would have been helpful if this had been made public.

August 7 2007 ~ Report by Health and Safety on Pirbright due very soon

August 7 2007 ~ There are 75 farms with 750 cattle, 1,500 sheep and 200 pigs in the Protection Zone - they could all be vaccinated within 24 hours

August 7 2007 ~ Consternation that Trading Standards in the Protection Zone have told farmers they may not close footpaths

August 7 2007 ~ ".... if a veterinary risk assessment shows that measures additional to the basic slaughter policy were required...."

August 7 2007 ~ "Who would notice the infection in deer? Does DEFRA have a plan?"

August 6/7 2007 ~ Not good news. Clinical signs found in another herd.
            NOW will you vaccinate?

August 6/7 2007 ~ CNN presenter says Vaccination hides disease -

August 6/7 2007 ~ Bio-security was "fairly relaxed"

August 6 2007 ~ As part of Defra's contingency plan and in order to ensure full preparedness, 300,000 doses of strain-specific vaccine have been ordered from the UK's vaccine bank, to be made up from antigen. No decision has been taken on whether or not to use the vaccine.

August 6 2007 ~" I am so fed up with the B...idiots who sent the FMD carcasses by road, 90 miles, when the rest of us have been told no movement."

August 6 2007 ~ "Because the animals were infected with the very vaccine strain itself, the vaccine should be the absolute perfect match."

August 6 2007 ~ 104 redundancies since 2005 - " a risk that we will lose critical expertise"

August 6 2007 ~ Still much to be revealed on virus escape

August 6 ~ Fallen stock

August 6 ~ Start date 29/07/2007? The Saturday before the Thursday?

August 6 ~ "We need to know much, much more about Pirbright."

August 6 2007 ~ "The UBI peptide-based vaccine/diagnostic system will be particularly attractive to FMD-free countries for defensive serosurveillance and for contingency plans for emergency vaccination in the event of an outbreak."

August 6 2007 ~ Did they shower? Did they ignore 3 or 5 day ruling?

August 6 2007 ~ " the case for a humane, civilised and scientifically sound policy has strengthened over the past few years to the point where it is beginning to look unassailable"

August 6 2007 ~ "Good that the Chair took soundings from different sectors. Less good was their reluctance to elucidate clearly the position re vaccination and on-site diagnostic testing..."

August 6 2007 ~ What is the difference between surveillance and protection zones

August 6 2007 ~ 39 animals only found positive so far. Contiguous culling instead of buffer zone vaccination is taking place

August 6 2007 ~"It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to note that terrorists of various sorts would be quick to try to take advantage of any faults or lapses in standards "

August 5 2007 ~ This strain shows clinical signs quickly

August 5 2007 ~ "Who is actually deciding what happens?"


August 5 2007 ~ New on DEFRA

August 5 2007 ~ "Competence means more than ministerial dashes and urgent meetings..lessons also include being ready to vaccinate"

August 5 2007 ~ Confusion about the virus strain

August 5 2007 ~ "What is the function of a World Reference Laboratory... if not to advance the detection of virus infection and management of FMD epidemics?"

August 5 2007 ~ Pirbright: "... limited use of the strain at the Institute in recent weeks."

August 5 2007 ~ Accidents Happen - Security Breaches at Biocontainment Facilities

August 5 2007 ~ Humane slaughter?

August 5 2007 ~ Lawrence Wright notices an anomaly

August 5 2007 ~ Deer do not obey movement bans - and roe deer move between Pirbright and local farms.

August 4 2007 10.26 p.m. ~ It is a vaccine strain 01 BFS 67 (Correction:it is in fact O1 BFS 1860) - one that was being used at Pirbright in July

August 4 2007 9.45 p.m. ~ "no plans for contiguous culling at present but any dangerous contacts will be dealt with robustly". Pigs, sheep and goats on an adjacent smallholding have been slaughtered as "dangerous contacts"

August 4 2007 9.20 p.m. ~ Intervet UK: " If requested, we will provide the government with any necessary assistance to bring the outbreak under control."

August 4 2007 (5.50 pm) ~ " I must say, interviewing the chief vet I had a distinct sense of deja vu.." - Snowmail

August 4 2007 (4.50 pm) ~ Debby Reynolds has confirmed that the biosecurity arrangements at the Pirbright Laboratory are being investigated as a possible source of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

August 4 2007 ~ " We are really hoping that supermarkets make sure that their buyers and supplier processors act more responsibly this time...

August 4 2007 ~ The UK's refusal to use vaccination for FMD has been on economic rather than on scientific or veterinary grounds.

August 4 2007 ~ EU Directive "It may be decided to introduce emergency vaccination where at least one of the following conditions applies"

August 4 2007 3.40 pm ~ More quotes "We would not stand in any way to object to vaccination.."

August 4 2007 4.00 pm ~ EU member countries have imposed a ban on animals and animal products imported from the UK.

August 4 (2.20 p.m.) ~ The FMD infected carcases will be travelling to Somerset - even though there are incineration plants nearer to Guildford.

August 4 2007 (2.15 pm) ~ 3,000 sheep are stranded at Thame Auction Mart - precisely where the rapid on-site diagnostic kit would be so invaluable.

August 4 2007 (1.15pm) ~ "The 1.7 million tonnes of waste food that before 2001 was being recycled by swill feeders was diverted to landfill..."

August 4 2007 (1.15pm) ~ "Once the strain has been identified, experts will check to see whether relevant vaccines are available in the British or European vaccine banks."Guardian

August 4 2007 (12 .15 am) ~ Slightly revised email from CA Coordination Action

August 4 2007 (10.30 am) ~ "Farmers are being asked to inspect their animals for signs of infection. To what extent, if any, are animals being tested for virus?"

August 4 2007 (10.00 am) ~ Ring Vaccination and on-site diagnosis.

August 3/4 2007 ~ "Number 10 insisted contingency plans being put into place were based on lessons learnt from the 2001 outbreak..."

August 3 2007 ~ FMD confirmed in Surrey

August 3 2007 ~ Undiagnosed bovine vesicular disease in Surrey. Update "The lesions are in their mouth and this could just be something they have eaten"

August 3 2007 ~ Undiagnosed bovine vesicular disease in Surrey. "No timescale for results" Could this be bluetongue?

August 3 2007 ~ FMD vaccine "could be commercially viable and remove some of the hurdles in advance of any outbreak"

August 1 2007 ~ £11.5M of new research. More money. More scientific research. More progress?

July 28-31 2007 ~ Flood losses for farmers and landowners in affected areas could be worse than in the foot and mouth epidemic

July 28- 31 2007 ~ Germany opts to request derogation from the EU's BSE slaughter regulations

July 28- 31 2007 ~ Not a single one of the 1543 nasal mucosal samples .... including those from the 32 reactors found to have lung lesions - proved positive for m.bovis - but this is not mentioned in the ISG report.

July 26 2007 ~ ARC Addington Fund are trying to get water to livestock farmers

July26 2007 ~ No compensation for farmers devastated by floods

July 20 2007 ~ "scientists at the labs are also working on a new test for viruses, such as rabies, bird flu and foot and mouth disease, which could cut the time taken to confirm an outbreak from up to ten days to only a few hours..."

July 19 2007 ~ Forget vaccination. Soft music sells this "animal friendly, total culling concept"

July 18 2007 ~ A case of bluetongue in Belgium

July 15 - 21 2007 ~ ".. the option Skanda Vale have chosen is the difficult, long and expensive path."

July 15 - 21 2007 ~"....profitability should not be a priority when vaccination policies are established." Bernard Vallat

July 9 - 14 2007 ~ The ELA conference in October - the beginning of the first serious pan-European contribution to animal health policy development.

July 9 - 14 2007 ~ Reply to E-petition to scrap the fallen stock disposal scheme and reinstate on-farm burial as a green initiative

July 9 - 14 2007 ~ Repeating the mistakes of the past - "no dramatic fall in cattle reactors to show for the cattle carnage ..."

July 9 - 14 2007 ~ "If that degree of financial mismanagement had occurred in a public limited company, the board would have been out - never mind the chief executive."

June 25 2007 ~ ".... scientific experts must be accountable, not only to government ministers but also to other experts. To date, this has not occurred in the context of the 2001 epidemic. ..."

June 25 2007 ~ Thursday was the sixth anniversary of MAFF v Upton, the Grunty the Pig case

June 25 2007 ~ " I am forced to take action myself....I have launched a claim against Devon and Cornwall Police and DEFRA officials in the Courts"


June 22 2007 ~ "This information could only be obtained at disproportionate cost..."

June 22 2007 ~ "...breeding for scrapie resistance has little or no impact on a number of commercial traits."

June 22 2007 ~ Fears expressed for the future of farming in the South West of England and other hotspot areas

June 20 2007 ~ "a further sad fact about science in the UK and in some other countries that the scientists' career is largely dependent upon him or her not antagonising the wishes of the main source of his funding -

June 19 2007 ~DEFRA had "taken a sledgehammer to crack the wrong nut" says Judge, but only DEFRA's one-sided version is picked up by journalists

June 18 2007 ~ "Agflation" - a warning

June 17 2007 ~ Scientists rule out return to badger culls

June 16 2007 ~ " It would be an absolute crime to put that animal down...."

June 15 2007 ~ The UK Government is still resisting the sensible amendments of the EU on BSE cohorts

15 June 2007 ~ ... the murky world of international trafficking, animal cruelty, black magic and even cannibalism..."

15 June 2007 ~ The Tenant Farmers Association has rejected Defra's latest plans on animal health and welfare policy

13 June 2007 ~ "We are committed to learning any lessons," says Ben Bradshaw

13 June 2007 ~ "I think we had to wait too long for the results."

12/ 13 June 2007 ~Rapid diagnosis via automated multiplexing platform: "we have always known that the platform's flexibility confers benefit in other markets, such as veterinary diagnostics and the monitoring of bioterror threats such as foot and mouth"

12 June 2007 ~ More coverage of EFSA's positive conclusions about bird flu vaccines

12 June 2007 ~ A "protecting virus" used to protect from new flu strains

12 June 2007 ~ "diagnostic equipment that can be used in the field and sensitive enough to detect virus in pre-clinical cases"

12 June 2007 ~ "The lack of a centralised, riskbased sampling and monitoring plan has compromised the import control system..."

12 June 2007 ~ "Cattle are killed anyway"

12 June 2007 ~ Bluetongue has re-emerged in Germany, according to the UK's Institute for Animal Health

11 June 2007 ~ Talk of vaccine supplies when the disease arrives is of little help - Fogging of poultry houses costs around 15p/bird annually and yet it is deadly to the H5N1 virus

June 8 2007 ~ Farmers kept in the dark over new case of Bluetongue

June 8 2007 ~ The TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) database was " not currently functional" on June 6th

June 8 2007 ~ Not all over. More H7N2 bird flu confirmed after Chelford market.

June 8 2007 ~ Opposition parties in the Welsh Assembly seem to want Jane Davidson, the new Welsh rural development minister, to give the order for Shambo to be killed

June 7 2007 ~ Indonesia's fear about possible mutation of the H5N1 virus has been countered by WHO's statement that they have 'seen no evidence' of this. Not surprising....

June 7 2007 ~"..the origin of the H7N2 avian influenza virus that initiated the outbreak in poultry in north Wales has not yet been traced further back than the market."

June 6 2007 ~ Avian Influenza " AI vaccines meet quality standards and are safe and effective in vaccination against AI in domestic flocks in Europe." EFSA.

June 5 2007 ~ "There are many Ministers who will not envy what will, no doubt, be one of Mrs Davidson's first jobs, and that is dealing with the issue of the TB-infected Skanda Vale bullock..."

June 5 2007 ~ Bovine TB - the whole system needs an overhaul from people on the ground (not the centre of London) who know what they are doing - but it seems that farmers are on their own

June 5 2007 ~ WHO report on H7N2 in Wales

June 4 2007 ~ "hundreds of independent farm stores are springing up, seeking to provide an alternative and cash in on shoppers' desire to be closer to the land.."

June 4 2007 ~ H7N2 " ... I think the authorities have behaved well over this H7N2 outbreak, the measures taken were proportionate."

June 4 2007 ~ " It is hoped that as these vaccines are rolled out around the world, that at last this damaging disease can be brought under control."

June 4 2007 ~ Mass cull of badgers - healthy or not - could now be on the cards

June 3 2007 ~ "The new product is the first FMD vaccine produced in the U.S....it could allow the federal government to plan a strategic stockpile in case of an outbreak".

June 3 2007 ~ "The results were due yesterday, (Thursday, May 31) but are now expected on Monday."

June 3 2007 ~ "the basic flaw of not calculating the effects of wind on GM pollen..."

June 2 2007 ~ Bovine TB: "while we do everything to minimise the risk on our farm from cattle-to-cattle contamination, nothing is being done to eradicate the spread from wildlife to cattle.."

May 30 2007 ~ US: Rapid diagnosis mobile laboratory to offer a rapid diagnosis for animal diseases like avian influenza, foot and mouth disease

May 30 2007 ~ H7N2 outbreak. No virus at the farm on the Llyn penisular - test result took three days to appear..

May 30 2007 ~ Dr. Marion Lyons : "Investigations also show that, when it spreads from person to person, the illness experienced becomes milder."

May 30 2007 ~ E-petition to scrap the fallen stock disposal scheme and reinstate on farm burial as a green initiative.

May 29 2007 ~ "a reminder that the next flu pandemic could be sparked by a virus other than the feared H5N1 strain..."

May 29 2007 ~ "It's not right these animals should be killed. They are breeding cows. They aren't to be sent for the human food chain."

May 28 2007 ~ While officialdom is full of reassurance, the latest H7N2 bird flu outbreak does not reassure us.

May 27 2007 ~ A 2nd possible case on the Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd,

May 26 2007 ~ misleading claim that the "source" of the H7N2 outbreak has been "destroyed" appears on Sky News

May 26 2007 ~ A mutually beneficial system of livestock registration is urgently needed - Four human cases of mild bird flu confirmed.

May 25 2007 ~ "It's farcical. It makes it impossible for us farmers to even question what they are doing. They are bloodthirsty vigilantes who want rid of the cattle."

May 24 2007 ~ The strain identified is H7N2 low pathogenic avian influenza. Free range birds are not being moved indoors.

May 24 2007 ~ Tests are being carried out on dead birds in north Wales over fears of a possible bird flu outbreak.

May 23 2007 ~ Canada is stockpiling avian flu vaccines for poultry "vaccine would be something that might be used to be more effective and dampen down the opportunity for the disease to spread"

May 22 2007 ~ UK's unilateral decision to kill BSE cohorts - "This time they can't blame it on Brussels."

May 22 2007 ~ " robust and tested disease control plans"?

May 21 2007 ~ "perfect efficacy result" in trials of H5N1 flu vaccine

May 19 2007 ~ FMD continues to threaten the FMD disease-free areas of Europe.

May 19 2007 ~In 2000 the then CVO, Jim Scudamore, wrote a warning memo about "lack of progress on contingency planning exercises", lack of staff training and his worries about the "capability of the government's agents to deal with outbreaks of disease, in particular their ability to investigate the origin and spread".

May 17 2007 ~ Does the Dutch research really advocate culling pigs in any FMD outbreak rather than vaccinating?

May 16th 2007 ~ "even today I meet people who comment about the livestock bereft countryside and fail utterly to make the connection...."

May 15th ~ Bluetongue: " It was eventually revealed that the results of the sentinel surveillance were compromised by the inclusion of old, serologically positive animals."

May 15 2007 ~ The RPA needs to pay out about another £280m over the remaining seven weeks to meet its deadline this year

May 14 2007 ~ Parallels between the site inspections at Heddon on the Wall just before FMD and those at the Matthews plant just before the discovery of H5N1 are inescapable.

May 14th 2007 ~ "In the past two decades, veterinarians have helped to slaughter more than a billion so-called diseased animals to support factory farming and the edicts of global trade. .."

May 13 2007 ~ Bird Flu in Suffolk - The Hungarian Connection

May 13 2007 ~ Evidence suggests that China's farmers routinely misuse pesticides

May 11 - 13 2007 ~ Shambo - attitudes unfortunately polarised

May 11-13 2007 ~"another beacon lighting the Byzantium attitutudes from the government veterinary service and DEFRA "

May 11 2007 ~ Contaminated wheat gluten - still few answers

May 10 2007 ~ Credibility of TB tests is called into question

May 10 2007 ~ Killing the bull "in the usual way..... to protect animal health" is to be done "as sensitively as possible," , say officials

May 8 2007 ~ "She feels, he says, simultaneously hungry, tired, full up and sick."

May 8 2007 ~ Traceability "just a sick joke"

See also the 'Meat Crimes' pages which suggest that those willing, on our behalf, to take on the highly lucrative trade in unhealthy and illegally slaughtered meat are fighting a very lonely and often dangerous battle. Meanwhile, to the distress of many, DEFRA is planning the slaughter of a Hindu sacred bull, isolated in a temple in Wales. Shades of poor Harriet who was also a soft target. The hard targets - the meat crime criminals whose activities do actually threaten public health - seem to be left to the heroic few to tackle .

May 8 2007 ~ Rapid diagnosis of FMD "Several real-time PCR instruments are available with various capabilities, such as portability and high sample volume analysis."

May 7 2007 ~ "For any voluntary animal identification system to work, it must be constructed on simplicity, efficiency, compatibility, flexibility and trust...."

May 6 2007 ~ "...a disaster made incomparably worse by the callous incompetence of a Government which has treated our farmers like dirt."

May 3-6 2007 ~" If vaccination is seen as an option in contingency plans, the availability of vaccines needs to be addressed."

May 2 2007 ~ Testing was not complete until 14 days after the Bernard Matthews plant was re-opened.

May 2 2007 ~ "I am genuinely concerned that short term financial expediency brought about by the recent debacle within the Rural Payments Agency is what has brought this upon us."

May 2 2007 ~ The EU is sending 12.6 million euros to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi to fight foot and mouth disease

April 30 2007~ Questions must continue about the Bernard Matthews H5N1 outbreak

April 30 2007~ The mystery that still surrounds the Bernard Matthews avian flu case must continue to worry us - for several reasons

April 29 2007~ The Netherlands is angry at the bluetongue mix-up and its sequel

April 28 2007~ ".... further evidence that DEFRA in London is not fit for purpose...." .

April 27 2007~ "biosecurity considerations are always at the forefront of animal health and welfare policies," says Lord Rooker - but there is to be no proper risk analysis done to assess the hazards of the Fallen Stock Scheme - whose rationale is an out-of-date nonsense.

April 26 2007 ~ Bluetongue sentinel at Osnabrück - the wrong animal was sampled....

April 26 2007 ~ Contaminated pet food highlights issues for human food - and the competence of official agencies

April 25 2007 ~ "At least the FSA hasn't so far claimed that honey must be banned because it has discovered that bees can catch BSE. But we only need give them time."

April 25 2007 ~ Hungary denies any connection with UK bird flu outbreak

April 23 2007 ~"administrators are there to serve the country, not the other way round.... why should errors of policy, that have nothing to do with animal welfare, impinge upon the profession and its work in farm animal disease control and welfare?"

April 23 2007 ~ "Come on, open up in the name of the cow inspector"

April 23 2007 ~ " The Blight of Beckett persists. .."

April 22 - 23 2007 ~ "The virus cannot be transmitted between susceptible animals without the presence of the insect carriers...."

April 22 - 23 2007 ~ Osnabrück sentinal cow - admission of mix-up expected on Monday - after the damage has been done. "Please tell the world. I am still so angry"

April 22 - 23 2007 ~ Prince Charles defends "family farmers who have been on the land for generations and have priceless experience and wisdom of the sort which cannot be taught in a classroom, but which is absorbed and inherited."

April 22 - 23 2007 ~ Gordon Brown is to order owners of farm land and buildings to pay both council tax and business rates, ending a 78-year exemption.

April 20-22 2007 ~ "as with foot and mouth, the Government have failed to establish the cause of the outbreak of bird flu in Suffolk.."

April 20 2007 ~ Bluetongue. Moves to attack the midges would be more effective than transport restrictions

April 19/20 2007 ~".. we are left with the possibility that meat products from pre-clinically infected turkeys, infected from a common source with the Hungarian outbreaks in January 2007, might have been slaughtered and exported to the Holton site"

April 19 2007 ~ Ben Bradshaw: "The key to effective disease control is good surveillance, early detection and rapid response"

April 19 2007 ~ "Planning was tested by the avian influenza case in Suffolk earlier this year and it coped well..."

April 18/19 2007 ~ "It is not enough to have the odd pop-hole in the side of a shed, even if this ticks a box on a certification scheme."

April 18 2007 ~ Competition Commission findings into supermarket practices were expected to be made public in June, but now postponed until January 2008

April 17 2007 ~ End of brucellosis tests - another example of false economy?

April 16 2007 ~ "Mrs Beckett was arrogant beyond belief. When she became Foreign Secretary, I thought, "God help this country". ..."

April 14/15 2007 ~ Bluetongue. "What is required is rapid on-farm tests that can be done within a few hours, not a few days".

April 13 2007 ~"Mathematical modelling must be carried out as a multi-disciplinary process involving modellers, field epidemiologists, virologists etc .."

April 12 2007 ~ "Animal welfare is an issue of great importance for Europeans..."

April 12 2007 ~"We have a problem across the EU with vaccine policy. If governments do not provide a certain economic incentive [to produce the vaccines], industry won't develop them."

April 11 2007 ~ Bluetongue: " there will be multiple opportunities for it to come over"

April 10th 2007 ~ slaughter of the host is pointless. It is nothing to do with being "robust".

April 10 ~ "Gluing fly swats to cattle tails didn't do the trick..."

April 6th - 8th 2007 ~ "very simplistic modelling, and very easy to understand - but bears little relation to the heterogeneity present in the real world and to practical disease control measures"

Friday April 6th ~ The truth is in the field, not in the computer

Friday April 6th ~ wild birds and access to waste meat...should the law be changed?

Thursday April 5th ~ Phil Brown and his fight for justice

April 4 2007 ~ Harriet post mortem results BSE NEGATIVE

April 4 2007 ~ "Validation" - only when it suits...

April 4 2007 ~" ...what they are saying is inhuman, stupid and Neanderthal.."

April 4 2007 ~ The Milk Development Council shows that 17 dairy farmers a week have left farming in the past year

April 3 2007 ~ In order to reach the coveted "disease free without vaccination" Taiwan - free of the disease since 2001 - is halting the vaccination programme that made it disease free.

April 2 2007 ~ The FSA are not going to prosecute the Bernard Matthews factory - "insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction "

April 2 2007 ~ "the BTV8 vaccine will require a temporary authorisation for exceptional circumstances. ."

April 1 2007 ~ New word in GovSpeak -"exemplification". It apparently means being sacked as an example to others - (unless of course you're at the top of the greasy pole)

March 31 2007 ~ Margaret Beckett is apparently "too busy with the Iran situation" to address the concerns of the EFRA Committee. She shifts responsibility back to the civil service.

March 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue vaccine - " Killing 'infected' holdings is utter nonsense"

March 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue - Is vaccination to kill yet again the only plan for the UK?

March 30 2007 ~ "DEFRA and the RPA must now publish a comprehensive reply to this report, demonstrating that they have learned from their many mistakes"

March 29 2007 ~ "Her apology is rather like a burglar who has entered the premises and run off with the swag before expressing anger that the accomplice smashed the window on the way."

March 29 2007 ~ Hardly surprising that Devon is particularly outspoken. That county, like other rural areas, has been so badly hurt by DEFRA.

March 29 2007 ~ "The Committee very much regrets the former Secretary of State's attempts verbally to distance herself from the consequences of policies which she herself must have approved "

March 28 2007 ~ "A clearly articulated business model; An innovative approach to citizen engagement. .."

March 28 2007 ~ The combined acronyms would form the phrase "It's civil shrewd mess"- but the new agency is, in fact, to be called "Animal Health" .

March 27 2007 ~ "Given that a key part of the remit of the FAO is to develop international agricultural trade, reticence to accept that this trade is the main agent of global dispersal of HPAI H5N1 is perhaps unsurprising."

March 26 2007 ~ "Within the area around the infected premises, there were enhanced levels of surveillance of wild birds."

March 26 2007 ~ As for the reality of "surveillance"

March 26 2007 ~ "Paradoxically, the H5N1 virus coupled with a fear of transmission by wild birds could lead to a reversion to battery farming which increases risk of outbreaks."

March 25 2007 ~ "The conference recommended that poultry should be vaccinated against avian influenza.."

March 25 2007 ~ "Well, Harriet had the last word."

March 22/23 2007 ~ Richard Sanders at Verona: "Well, I think we are winning the argument..."

March 22/23 2007 ~ Verona Conference - Vaccination: a tool for the control of Avian Influenza

March 21 2007 ~ "the main device under discussion at the meeting is a $1,000 mobile test system and reader the size of a small portable television"

March 21 2007 ~ "new life to the theory that mad cow disease started out in cattle, rather than crossing over from sheep."

March 2007 ~ The only innocent parties in the Dobbin story seem to have been the 583 slaughtered cattle

March 20 2007 ~ Sainsbury's responds to consumer concern about factory farming.

March 19 2007 ~ "As public concern about cruelty to farm animals grows, there has been a huge surge in demand for such eggs, which can cost as much as 80p a dozen more than battery hen products." Daelnet.uk

March 19 2007 ~ A variety of GM corn, legally imported into European Union countries since 2006, has produced signs of liver and kidney toxicity in rats

March 18/19 2007 ~ Electronic tagging: "The appropriate technology is simply not yet reliable"

March 18/19 2007 ~ If rules could really be shown to be based on common sense there would be no argument.

March 18 2007 ~ "His only alleged offence was "non-compliance" with complex bureaucratic procedures, to an extent which Defra still cannot specify".

March 16 2007 ~ "We have been as frivolous about food as we have been about the environment and the planet..."

March 16 2007 ~ Free vaccination for 95 percent of cattle in Venezuela

March 15 2007 ~ " I hate academia. Most of the scientists who work there are not free men any more and they can't speak out. That's no way to do science. "

March 15 2007 ~ a "key question"

March 15 2007 ~ Notes on the Defra FMD & CSF stakeholders' meeting on 28 February 2007

March 14/ 15 2007 ~ "Why are politicians so clueless when it comes to rural matters?" Magnus Linklater in the Times

March 14 2007 ~ Centralisation and "top-down" policies - the decline of local responsibility, good sense, economies, post officies, local services, the spread of Ghost Town Britain and the disappearance of democracy.

March 14 2007 ~ the five freedoms - "aspirations" rather than guarantees, it seems

March 14 2007 ~ UK farmers needed for window dressing

March 13/14 2007 ~ Rumours of warmwell.com's demise exaggerated...

March 10 2007 ~ "Prevention and control of avian influenza: the need for a paradigm shift

March 10 2007 ~ Agriculture ministers from six South American nations have agreed on a joint policy for improved cooperation in eliminating foot-and-mouth disease in the region

March 9 2007 ~"Together with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) we're working hard to learn all we can from this episode." Bernard Matthews

March 9 2007 ~"I wouldn't be surprised if the last thing David Miliband wanted to do was debate the performance of his department"

March 8 2007 ~ It would be useful know for certain that the Holton chicks were not infected via feed.

March 8 2007 ~ 93 tons of turkey meat from Hungary (unrecognised apparently by the TRACES database) were being processed in Holton at the height of the outbreak

March 8 2007 ~ ".. vaccination. It has been decried for years, but perhaps its time has come."

March 8 2007 ~ " Is it not time to abandon this Buzzword, "BIOSECURITY", so beloved by Defra and government".

March 7 2007 ~ " it is considered acceptable for us to risk contracting bird flu from our poultry"

March 7 2007 ~ "Certainly the Chinese can investigate what is going on in Guangdong and if their (poultry) plants there contribute to those strains, they could so something to intervene"

March 6 2007 ~ "Figures for imports into the United Kingdom of live day-old turkey chicks from outside the EU are not currently available. All consignments of live birds are liable to documentary and identity checks." Lord Rooker ( Hansard )

March 6 2007 ~ Hansard slip...

March 6 2007 ~"... what the remit is of the inquiry by his Department into the recent events at Bernard Matthews at Holton in Suffolk; and how the (a) proceedings and (b) conclusions of the inquiry will be communicated to the public"

March 6 2007 ~ Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London "made his name by advising government on tackling the spread of BSE and foot-and-mouth."

March 5 ~ "... the development of highly pathogenic strains of bird flu lies at the door of factory farming."

March 5 2007 ~ Avian influenza targets those without a voice - An enquiry should be conducted into the role of the global, intensive poultry industry in the spread of H5N1

March 5 2007 ~ Indonesia's actions "understandable" - poorer countries need affordable vaccines

March 3/4 2007 ~"The massive international movement of livestock and their products - the only possible beneficiaries of such unnecessary movements are a few powerful individuals ..The rest of us pay the price ."

March 3/4 2007 ~ UC Davis research study aimed to protect the US from foot-and-mouth disease

March 2 2007 ~ "If one cannot get to the bottom of how a disease has come in, it is not fair to expect the industry to carry the costs. "

March 2 2007 ~ Verona Conference. Ben Bradshaw says DEFRA "officials" will attend.

March 2 2007 ~ Local Suffolk free-range poultry owners astonished by "snippet" of news announcing the end of some restrictions

March 1 2007 ~ Parliamentary Question about recent imports from Hungary ignores assertion from DEFRA on January 24 2007

March 1 2007 ~ Why did DEFRA think that there had been no legal imports from Hungary at the time of the Hungary infection?

March 1 2007 ~ Yesterday "severe biosecurity shortfalls" and " poor hygiene practices" - today news of £600,000 compensation

February 28 2007 ~ "....we can't do anything to imperil that £370 million a year export trade, can we?"

February 28 2007 ~ Vaccinated animals do not go visiting unvaccinated ones

February 27/28 2007 ~ EU to set up emergency rapid reaction veterinary teams ready to move within 24 to 36 hours

February 27/28 2007 ~ Supermarket low prices spell doom for traditional dairy, beef and sheep farms

February 26 2007 ~ "it is timely to convene the best renowned experts to address the issue of global guidelines for vaccination"

February 25 2007 ~ Rapid Diagnosis for flu in birds: Multiplex test

February 23 2007 ~ "Stakeholders are currently talking to DEFRA about vaccination delivery. A third meeting should eventually be held..."

February 21/22 2007 ~ "There is little question that adequate vaccination will reduce shedding levels and thus the virus load.."

February 21/22 2007 ~ Vaccination of birds. Russia moves immediately. UK still dithers

February 21 2007 ~ It is imperative that the highly pathogenic H5N1 is stopped from circulating round the world. It is dangerous to expose humans and wild birds to infected domestic poultry.

February 21 2007 ~ 1.1 million tonnes of foreign pork, beef and lamb was imported into the UK in 2006

February 21 2007 ~ cavalier use of data in the Manchester Business School study on the environmental impact of organic farming

February 20 2007 ~ New Meat Byproducts: Avian Flu and Global Climate Change

February 20 2007 ~ Russia to vaccinate all birds near Moscow

February 19/20 2007 ~ "Where has the idea that there is long term circulation of H5N1 in a fully vaccinated flock in the absence of disease in the flock come from?"

February 19 2007 ~ David Miliband now says that poultry in the protection zone have been "sampled"


February 19 2007 ~ "It was a complete mess with dead birds still lying around the site - and tatty, torn, blown out buildings and made Bobby Waugh's look like the Hilton."

February 19 2007 ~ enshrined, as if in amber, is the back-covering rider that vaccinated poultry may become infected

February 19 2007 ~ Of course no vaccination for any disease, animal or human, can ever be 100% but if enough individuals are vaccinated a virus infection can be eliminated.

February 19 2007 ~ UK fails to adopt minimum EU measures on avian influenza

February 18 2007 ~ DEFRA "admitted late last week that they have not tested a live wild bird in Britain since the outbreak began three weeks ago."

February 17 2007 ~ Discrepancies

February 17 2007 ~ "It is vital that we learn the lesson from this incident that Britain's cheap food culture comes at a high price for animal welfare and food integrity."

February 17 2007 ~ I can't see any reason for there being all this world trade in live and raw dead animals and their products.

February 16/17 2007 ~ "DEFRA statements on the role of vaccination in the control of virulent livestock viruses could make better informed people weep"

February 16/17 2007 ~ DEFRA says that factory farmed animals should be free from hunger and thirst, get rapid diagnosis and treatment of disease, appropriate shelter and freedom from fear

February 16/ 17 2007 ~ "I believe we're at the beginning of major changes in our food culture which will, in turn, lead to profound changes in British farming." Peter Melchett

February 16 2007 ~ Sir John Krebs is one of six new non-party political peers recommended to the prime minister by the Lords Appointments Commission.

February 16 2007 ~ Experts are to reveal the interim findings of a Government investigation into the source of the bird flu outbreak.

February 16 2007 ~ "we have noted with concern the sidelining of scientific expertise in the civil service"

February 15/16 2007 ~ "the ability of government decision makers to make better-informed decisions.."

February 15 2007 ~ Tests on nearly 75 000 wild ducks, gulls and other birds have turned up no sign of dangerous H5N1 avian influenza in the United States

February 15 2007 ~ "this outbreak on one of my farms was immediately contained and did not spread further"

February 15 2007 ~ China joins Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea and Japan in banning UK poultry

February 14 2007 ~ The Netherlands is allowing its free range birds out again from Feb. 19.

February 14 2007 ~ Bernard Matthews"keeping the products back because they may contain meat from a restricted zone in Hungary."

February 14 2007 ~ Two entirely separated and biosecure parts to the Holton site?.

February 14 2007 ~ " He kept deferring to something called "the science", as a medieval monarch might defer to holy mother church. . There is no such thing..... "

February 14 2007 ~ 99.96% similarity of the RNA sequences of the genomes of the H5N1 avian influenza viruses

February 14 2007 ~ H5N1 vaccination: "I am sure that vaccine would break the transmission cycle even in high density flocks"

February 13/14 2007 ~ Selective reporting from interviews with virologists "No one is asking the right questions and they all know that they are not"

February 13/14 2007 ~ "The Meat Hygiene Service cleared the slaughterhouse at Holton in Suffolk. It resumes work today, having been disinfected and relicensed under European Union rules." Telegraph

February 13/14 2007 ~ Whatever the Hungarian government says... the virus outbreak in Hungary and UK are linked.

February 13/14 2007 ~ The problem of spread of H5N1 virus worldwide by industrial farming and international trade has not been addressed and has not gone away.

February 12 2007 ~ "government must examine, restructure and support the infrastructure of the meat and livestock industry, so that once again it can be the main supplier of meat for the nation"

February 12 2007 ~H5N1 Hungary's Agriculture Ministry denies any link

February 12 2007 ~ "The authorities have known about the situation for years, but have done nothing. There is evidence of not only negligence and utter incompetence, but cover-up, and the problem has grown unchecked."

February 11/12 2007 ~ It is vital that advice in controlling outbreaks is given by professionally qualified clinical virologists (in human medicine and ideally veterinary medicine as well of course) in conjunction with scientists.

February 11 2007 ~ "absurdly unscientific misinformation about why we cannot use vaccination..."

February 11 2007 ~ an international reappraisal of the role of factory farming and the poultry trade in the worldwide spread of the disease.

February 10 2007 ~ the Government's handling of scientific advice, risk and evidence in policy making

February 10 2007 ~ Turkeys from the Matthews farm were transported to within only 30 km from the infected geese cases in Hungary - the Gall Food abattoir in Kecskemet - which slaughters geese...

February 10 2007 ~ Turkey bites Man

February 10 2007 ~ "Large poultry companies ... have been responsible for past outbreaks "

February 10 2007 ~ Vaccination: a tool for the control of avian influenza - conference 20th -22nd March 2007 - Verona, Italy

February 10 2007 ~ Bird flu, bluetongue, swine fever... CIRAD is working with major French and international research centres to develop therapeutic vaccines.

February 9 2007 ~ "FSA confirmed today that it was investigating the possibility that turkey meat contaminated by bird flu at a Bernard Matthews poultry farm has entered the human food chain."

February 9 2007 ~ "the authorities must work harder to present a balanced picture, and not allow automatic implication of wild birds as the likeliest vector every time an outbreak occurs."

February 9 2007 ~ "a claim without the least shred of evidence..... scientific investigation had yet to begin. But Bradnock's suggestions ran far and wide in the national media."

February 9 2007 ~ Poultry source now thought very likely

February 9 2007 ~ We are told that vaccination for a current strain does indeed work.

February 9 2007 ~"...There are also questions to be answered about what ministers knew and when, and if they had information last Monday, why didn't they disclose that information?" Peter Ainsworth

February 8/9 2007 ~ "government officials ... no longer believe that Britain's first outbreak of bird flu was spread by wild birds"

February 7 2007 ~ The myth of the silent spread of virus by vaccinated birds ... is just that. - utter nonsense.

February 7 2007 ~ " there is a danger that reliance on avian flu vaccination for birds could spread the disease further and thus be dangerous" Mary, As I am sure that you know, this is complete and utter rubbish

February 5/6 2007 ~ " Is she saying that Defra has no qualified virologists at the heart of the organisation?"

February 5/6 2007 ~ 10 million doses of vaccine?

February 5 2007 ~ Illegally imported chicks from Hungary?

February 5 2007 ~ Not much communication to concerned residents living near the factory

February 5 2007 ~ " it is disturbing that our officials are so biased and self deluded"

February 5 2007 ~ Delay in picking up the infection in the first place is shrugged off by the veterinary profession in a way it should not be. Rapid diagnostic PCR testing could be applied even if from a VLA lab with same day results faxed out.

February 5 2007 ~ When bona-fide, certified, safety-and-efficacy- tested vaccines are used, the results do not disappoint.

February 5 2007 ~ possible links between the Suffolk bird flu outbreak and that in Hungary are now being investigated.

February 5 2007 ~ The costs of failing to heed expert advice

February 4/5 2007 ~".... the first 71 birds died last Tuesday. But the outbreak was not reported to government vets until Thursday evening, after another 1,000 died.

February 4/5 2007 ~ "H5N1 strain of bird flu is essentially a problem of industrial poultry practices"

February 4/5 2007 ~ question mark over where the infected birds' carcasses were taken to be disposed of

February 4/5 2007 ~ "I cannot help but wonder why we are slaughtering birds and then moving them many, many miles to be incinerated."

February 4 2007 ~ Additional Restricted Zone

February 4 2007 ~ Bird Flu: Sir David King ruled out vaccination a year ago

February 4 2007 ~ "Killing infected poultry flocks ad infinitum, without adjunct vaccination..is a policy that has not been successful over the last decade"

February 4 2007 ~ CIWF has never been allowed to visit Matthews' factories

February 3 2007 ~ Suffolk bird disease is H5N1

February 3 2007 ~ Bird disease in Suffolk. Bernard Matthews farm - 160,000 turkeys in close proximity

February 2 2007 ~ Ram Genotyping. Closure of the scheme at last?

January 31 2007 ~ " I think it's as likely to find infection with that protein as it is to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"

January 26-28 2007 ~ Ask Sir David King

January 26-28 2007 ~ Questions about independent expertise on diagnostics, practical expertise in the use of vaccines, serology and virology are not going to go away

January 26-28 2007 ~ Ben Bradshaw: "We are currently considering research proposals..."

January 26-28 2007 ~ Silence on validation

January 26 2007 ~ Harriet : Caroline Lucas, MEP, writes to Ben Bradshaw

January 24 2007 ~ "It remains to be seen whether government is willing to give up its authority on disease control to an independent board"

January 24 2007 ~ Abuse of power in the supply chain is destroying dairy farmers

January 23 2007 ~ The real cost of the raid on Harriet, the pet cow

January 22 ~ The Daily Mail wades in

January 21 2007 ~ Harriet

January 20 2007 ~The financial cost of the raid was £3,500

January 19 2007 ~ Harriet: "Given the public interest generated about this animal, the SVS informed Ministers of their intention to remove the animal on 8 January 2007. They were under no obligation to do so."

January 18 2007 ~ Swill feeders to sue DEFRA

January 18 2007 ~ RPA ".... this is about accountability. Here we have got mounting complexity and problems.. and yet onward sailed the ship heading towards the iceberg. What I want to know is who was on the bridge?"

January 17 2007 ~ Harriet - Judicial Review. "A judge will weigh up the facts on both sides"

January 2007 ~ The number of farmers still waiting to have their botched subsidy payments resolved is around ten times the latest figure given by RPA

January 2007 ~ Zero risk - but no flexibility

January 11 2007 ~ Harriet: "Just doing their job"... Just following orders again

January 9 2007 ~ Foot and Mouth tests in Northern Ireland are clear

January 2007 ~ Research project for most effective FMD response strategy, including vaccination, underway in America

January 2007 ~ Aesop, and the art of good communication between Ministry and stakeholder

January 2007 ~ "Trust between Whitehall and the countryside has collapsed."

January 2007 ~ Two cheers for the new animal welfare in transport rules

January 2007 ~"....Even in countries that consider themselves humane, animals can be treated as little more than objects.."

January 2007 ~ Much still to be done.

January 2007 ~ A simple working outbreak manual is needed

January 2007 ~ Ring vaccination stopped a new FMD strain in its tracks

January 2007 ~ "One of the main reasons why many of us at Pirbright and elsewhere argued against the contiguous cull in 2001 was that it was based on poor science and not scientifically validated, although, of course, state approved..."

January 2007 ~ "Unfortunately, confirmatory laboratory diagnosis during the UK 2001 epidemic was largely abandoned in March 2001.."

January 2007 ~ "The only effective defence against such politicking is sound science, hard information, good communication and good emergency preparation "

January 2007 ~ Test rules - and if necessary challenge and change them

January 2007 ~ responsibility for national food safety

January 2007 ~ "We just can't put up with the rules, regulations and red tape any longer"

December 18 2006 ~ "...maybe it is bureaucracy gone mad..."

17 Dec 2006 ~ Defra placed revised contingency plans for exotic animal diseases before parliament on Wednesday

December 17 2006 ~ the stolen animals were obviously being taken to illegal slaughter houses, destined for the illegal meat trade

December 10 2006 ~ Bowland: "carpet-bombing" an innocent firm out of existence. "Could the Minister please tell the House why the Government have panicked and introduced emergency regulations that are specifically designed to put Bowland Dairies out of business? "

December 9 2006 ~ ".. the aim of seeking greater flexibility and a more common sense approach"

December 7 2006 ~ Bird Flu measures "politically opportune" but "socially unjustifiable"

December 7 2006 ~ EUFMD Calendar

December 6/7 2006 ~ The farming industry in Wales may have to meet the cost of future outbreaks of animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth, without any government compensation.

December 5 2006 ~ a rapid, sensitive test for bird flu and its variants that occur in dogs and cats.

December 3 2006 ~ "the scientific community has to reestablish trust. People want to trust science; they want science to be trustworthy."

December 1 2006 ~ Harriet

November 29 2006 ~ cost sharing between Government and the private sector for animal disease control

November 29 2006 ~ "If it is ever decided that we need more sheep to graze the hills, there may not be enough farmers left with the experience to manage the flocks.."

November 28 2006 ~ Ex-RPA chief 'still being paid'

November 28 2006 ~ Water Crisis - Has the government a duty to protect health?

November 26/27 2006 ~ Papers from the 23rd November 2006 Stakeholder meeting

November 24 2006 ~ Old habits of 'Command and Control' are hard to break - The EIG give praise and a warning

November 23 2006 ~ Harriet.   Evidence suggests she does not fit the "cohort" definition - but even if she did, the EU no longer demands slaughter

November 22 2006 ~ Harriet. Brussels will not put restrictions on a country that doesn't kill suspect animals

November 22 2006 ~ Harriet

November 22 2006 ~ "Farm-industry representatives said they were not familiar with the new reports..."

November 21 2006 ~ EUFMD Inventory of web accessible recent FMD Real-time Alert Exercises

November 20 2006 ~ Technology to fight ".. the tricks of a very dirty trade"

November 17 2006 ~ Mark Purdey 1953-2006

November 17 2006 ~ "The issue of rapid diagnostic technology still needed to be looked into."

November 16 2006 ~ DEFRA's False Alarm answers raise more questions

November 15 2006 ~ " no one wants to see mass slaughter, piles of carcasses, incineration " but "vaccination would prevent meat exports to third countries"

November 14 2006 ~ Parliamentary Question: Vaccination

November 14 2006 ~ DEFRA budget - among the cuts, an increase - 11% for the RPA

November 13 2006 ~ "The Conference will further promote the updating and setting of standards for methodologies in the fields of diagnostics, vaccine quality and biosecurity"

November 11 2006 ~ In addition to its vaccination programme, Malaysia is implanting identification chips in all of its 2.5 million farm animals.

November 9 2006 ~ Harriet - BBC PM programme interviews the owners.

November 9 2006 ~ "there's some super people in DEFRA who work extremely hard on our behalf"

November 9 2006 ~ ".. what risk is there to public health from allowing Harriet to live?" asked Mark Harper

November 2006 ~ US readers told that FMD can kill humans and that the 2001 outbreak was caused by illegal pork being fed to livestock

November 2006 ~ "authorities were not willing to use the U.S. real time PCR test for Foot and Mouth and neither would they use the differential test that discriminates vaccinated animals"

November 2006 ~ "British Intelligence had been made aware of this U.S. technology previously and they were reminded again in February 2001."

November 2006 ~ Did British authorities imagine that the ARS would offer a test that did not exist?

November 3 2006 ~ Disease levy "preposterous"

November 3 2006 ~ Harriet. Mark Harper has secured a Parliamentary debate

November 3 2006 ~ "Misinformation has led to wild birds bearing major blame for transmission of the disease"

November 3 2006 ~"How can anyone justify the continuation of this sordid trade?"

November 2 2006 ~ Uruguay farmers vaccinate their calves

November 1 2006 ~ "Do you know whether Defra sent a vet to the source farm?"

November 1 2006 ~ Disease compensation: "concerted lobbying campaign by the main UK farming unions and DEFRA in Brussels has forced a rethink"

October 28 2006 ~ The CVO, Debby Reynolds, congratulates SVS, Meat Hygiene Service and Pirbright for their swift response

October 27 2006 ~ Initial tests negative.

October 27 2006 ~ Farming Today this morning reports a suspected case of FMD

October 26 2006 ~ RPA - The mess causing cuts to vital agencies will further damage the SVS

October 25 ~ DEFRA overspent by 200 million pounds - but vital agencies pay the price.

October 25 ~ German H5N1 vaccination plan

October 24 2006 ~ RPA: "the Germans, who applied exactly the same scheme, paid on the nail within a matter of weeks"

October 23 2006 ~ Bowland Dairy. The EU assumption that only their own version of antibiotic testing is allowable has closed down Bowland, humiliated the FSA and made the UK subject of a major legal action.

October 21 2006 ~ "Teinaz says he and fellow environmental health officers are slowly making a difference, tracking down gangs, confiscating meat and educating the public. "

October 21 2006 ~ Details of 17 new avian and pandemic flu research projects have been announced

October 20 2006 ~ Avian Flu : "...the struggle Defra had to get enough poultry workers for the cull "

October 20 2006 ~ Public opposition to GM crops is being overridden by a government determined to back the industry, says Michael Meacher

October 18 2006 ~ Killing sauce for goose is not sauce for the rare breed gander

October 18 2006 ~"APHIS allowed states to use the ARS test without validation"

October 18 2006 ~ " The whole afternoon was an eye opener to the complete incompetence of the body which rules farming..."

October 18 2006 ~ RPA's Johnston McNeill is still being paid his £114,000 salary

October 18 2006 ~ The required double-dose Bird Flu vaccination costs around 6p a bird - but DEFRA says that EU "requirements" could make vaccination cost £2 pounds for a single bird

October 17 2006 ~ Hopeful evidence for Harriet the cow

October 15 2006 ~ "... let us remember that the line between too much food and too little is very thin indeed. This country must retain the ability to grow its own food.."

October 14 2006 ~ "Be very careful what you write. Nature is illiterate and therefore does her own thing, regardless of what is published."

October 2006 ~ Follow-up letter in the Scotsman links FMD trauma with that suffered by British Army

October 2006 ~ How FMD crisis was turned into a disaster - Fordyce Maxwell in the Scotsman quotes Toby Tennant

October 2006 ~ "A consortium of leading scientists is to undertake research to combat animal diseases in Scotland, using a £2.5m Executive contract over the next five years at a "centre of excellence"..."

October 2006 ~ Magnus Linklater - "false statistics, poor modelling, wrong deductions and bad science."

October 10 2006 ~ " the guidelines for the implementation of such vaccination are still hazy."

October 10 2006 ~ More on mathematical modelling exercises

October 2006 ~"... using vaccination as an additional HPAI H5N1 prevention and control tool, it appears wise to further explore this option in the EU.."

October 7 2006 ~ DEFRA FMD "Modelling Exercise" notice on the DEFRA website is dated 20 September 2006

October 5 2006 ~ In only three months, Harriet can be live-tested with a single drop of blood, with results after 30 minutes.

Oct 3 ~ Professor Donaldson "...I am very familiar with the claims made by Roger Breese (sic) and Fred Brown for the rapid diagnostic method for FMD..."

Oct 1 206 ~ "I cannot emphasise enough the opposition locally to this slaughter. I am concerned that there may well be a large number of people present when your representative arrives to object to this action."

Sept 30 2006 ~ It is the duty of all those involved in foot and mouth to remind the next government and those thereafter that we will not tolerate short-term cost cutting policies that cost the country dearly in the long run..."

Sept 29 2006 ~ Government warned against merely "re-publishing existing disease control procedures with a few minor improvements."

Sept 29 2006 ~ "Discussion focused on the use of diagnostic tests; control measures; and stakeholders' involvement in disease control."

September 28 2006 ~ " The report of the development of a field rapid test by the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright raises a number of questions... there are still unanswered questions..." ProMed Mail

September 2006 ~ Not Hindsight. Dr Paul Kitching's evidence to the EU Temporary Committee shows that by May 2001 the government knew 52.76% of Pirbright tests showed absence of disease.

September 2006 ~"...at least there is humour! The very same test reagents and Cepheid device that Dr. Ferris manages to smear... have since been deployed across the US... after millions of dollars spent on validation!"

September 2006 ~ "Not only is it a great read that grips you by the throat from the first paragraph, it's hugely informative about a subject people outside of the rural community know virtually nothing about ..."

September 2006 ~ Mr Blair assured Rural Affairs Minister Barry Gardiner that all rural concerns could be consigned "to the bottom of his in-tray"

September 2006 ~ The justification that mass killing was necessary to "get ahead of the disease" must at last be seriously challenged.

September 2006 ~ Warmwell.com was updating daily from early in 2001. Our deep disquiet now is not "hindsight" after the event.

September 2006 ~ "No evidence of FMD virus, antibody or nucleic acid was found in approximately 23 per cent (390 of 1730) of IPs from which samples were received, suggesting that the incidence of FMD during the outbreak may have been over-reported. "

September 2006 ~ "I am afraid a lot of animals lost their lives unnecessarily..."

September 2006 ~ "massively important" rapid diagnosis - rejected by the UK in 2001 - may at last be on the cards because there could be a UK test.

September 2006 ~ Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

September 2006 ~ EU-wide disease slaughter compensation down to 75%?
Stakeholders given only days to respond - and even then - "No negotiations or vote on these issues.."

September 2006 ~ Bluetongue moves north "Globalisation, the change in weather patterns and the increase in speed and volume of international transport as well as passengers" are, hardly surprisngly, the suggested causes.

Aug 26 2006 ~ Once again, senior scientists and health officials worldwide have called for Bird Flu data to be shared internationally.

Aug 22 2006 ~ No one at DEFRA could explain what "agro-terrorism" was.

Aug 22 2006 ~ Bluetongue "looks like Foot and Mouth"

Aug 18 2006 ~ Bovine TB a genuine drop in numbers?

Aug 17 2006 ~ Once again, the "carrier" argument rears its head in the UK as a reason for not implementing Bird Flu vaccination.

Aug 16 2006 ~ Remaining small abattoirs under threat (again)

Aug 15 2006 ~ Will Cockbain: "It is totally unacceptable as we approach the autumn sales period that many farmers are still awaiting HFA payments"

Aug 15 2006 ~ US Homeland Security say that "state-of-the-art technology" is needed to combat zoonoses. The future of Plum Island is uncertain.

Aug 10 2006 ~ Foot and Mouth in Vietnam: Europe to provide 2 million doses of vaccine

Aug 9 2006 ~ Consultation for DEFRA's draft Statutory Instrument, (SI) for the Zoonoses (Monitoring) Regulations 2006

Aug 6 2006 ~ " learning the practical lessons of 2001 and embracing the potential advantages offered by modern diagnostic technologies and data handling systems ."

Aug 6 2006 ~ " we don't encourage this sort of dramatic culling"

Aug 5 2006 ~ "After the public outrage at the killings in Yunnan, officials in eastern Jining have ordered a media blackout on the cull

Aug 2 2006 ~ "unexpected costs" leading to DEFRA's slashed budget have included "preparations for avian flu"

Aug 2 2006 ~ DEFRA Budget to be cut by £200 million

July 30 /Aug 1 2006 ~ "we need the technology brought up to date and we need it fast."

July 29 2006 ~ Avian Flu - "Mild in the Wild, Benign in the Backyard, Fatal in the Factory."

July 29 2006 ~ Avian Flu - "these bodies are using the avian flu crisis to push for a further increase in the industrialisation of the poultry sector"

July 29 2006 ~ "What the U.S. veterinarians who went to England really wanted was a test for confirming FMD with a quick turnaround"

July 24 2006 ~ " By striving to protect the planet and maintain animal health we are also protecting human health, and vice versa.

July 24 2006 ~ " To defend ourselves against the possibility of new outbreaks, of transboundary disease spread, the first defence is information, fast and accurate information ..."

21 July 2006 - "A truly rational government would acknowledge that preventive vaccination is the most effective method of combating AI (avian flu) in the modern world..

21 July 2006 - The Annual Review of Controls on Imports of Animal Products: April 2005 - March 2006

July 19 - Britain should opt to vaccinate poultry rather than slaughter flocks in order to tackle the threat of the lethal H5N1 strain of bird flu

July 19 2006 ~ 1080 poison. "There is a very real danger the residue from 1080 could be in exports"

July 18 2006 ~ DEFRA has made moves to order large stocks of an avian influenza vaccine

July 16 2006 ~ "If, as Defra says, farmers will have to pick up the bill for disease control, they should have a say over what is allowed in to this country.."

July 14 2006 ~ " One must accept that only a fraction of illegally imported meats are intercepted..."

July 14 2006 ~ The UK Government is not going to request special EU support if H5N1 destroys consumer confidence. The poultry industry is on its own.

July 13 2006 ~ Bioflavonoid based products - "....active ingredient has been tested independently by DEFRA and found to be effective against viruses such as those causing Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease..."

July 12.13 2006 ~ "Millions of gallons of leachate still seep into our water supplies from the hundreds of FMD burial sites around Cumbria & Dumfries & Galloway"

July 11 2006 ~"At all costs, in combating H5N1, we must avoid the vaccine-free zone that the catastrophic 2001 foot and mouth outbreak became.." Lawrence Woodward

July 10 2006 ~ H5N1 vaccination plan "None of the stakeholders dissented"

July 10 2006 ~ PowderMed's DNA vaccine against avian flu tested in animals, "stops the infection entirely"

July 9 - 10 2006 ~ Article on bTB at Food Solutions Europe

July 8 2006 ~ Spanish H5N1 case. Was the dead bird found six weeks ago?

July 7 2006 ~ " It would be interesting to obtain expert analysis of the possible contribution to this improvement of the mass vaccination policy implemented "

July 6 2006 ~ Intervet International completed the acquisition of the FMD vaccine factory in Cologne on July 4th

July 5 2006 ~ "Sooner or later we will need it back again."

July 3 2006 ~ " The origins of the 2001 epidemic, which cost £8 billion, remain a mystery"

July 3 2006 ~ New Zealand offers the power of the internet to those trying to control TB infected possums

July 2 2006 ~ Outbreaks of the H5N1 avian virus have now been confirmed in 53 countries

June 30 2006 ~ Europe will soon unveil a task force for fighting bird flu

June 29 2006 ~ " vital that we work in partnership with countries outside of the EU so that our future animal health strategy .... cannot be cited as a defensive tool designed primarily to protect our borders."

June 29 2006 ~ "The SmartCycler System is a leading real-time PCR testing platform for hospitals, university research labs and government agencies".

June 29 2006 ~ Running the market weekly will restore Stroud to its original tradition of being a true market town

June 28 2006 ~ Hill Farming - The Duchy of Cornwall's new initiative will attempt to raise public awareness of the link between farming and landscape preservation

June 26 2006 ~ East Suffolk's experience of a thriving local food network should inspire action across the country

June 24 2006 ~ Latest vCJD scare-fest - " this iceberg is in a very shallow pond"

June 23 2006 ~ Why did we have to find out about the new trials from the BBC? asked Daniel Kawczynski , MP

June 23 2006 ~ Million pound Badger vaccine trial in Gloucestershire "could lead to more than 100 000 badgers being vaccinated nationwide"

June 21 2006 ~ Intervet has developed a prototype for a new generation dual vaccine against both avian influenza and Newcastle Disease which can be mass applied by spraying

June 19 2006 ~ bTB. Mr Bradshaw's further investigation "currently under way"

June 19 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown"

June 19 2006 ~ The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) has called on the government to introduce a labelling system covering welfare measures taken for animal products.

June 18 2006 ~ China "..the acceleration of national veterinary management reform"

June 17 2006 ~ A consortium of veterinary virologists will share samples of the H5N1 with researchers worldwide

June 16 2006 ~ "If this risk were real, we would have had reports (plural) from Europe of infected domestic cats..."

June 15 2006 ~ "Killing capacity has been progressively increased over the last two years" says Mr Bradshaw. Methods of mass extermination include the maceration of day old chicks and the euphemistically termed "ventilation shutdown"

June 15 2006 ~ "How many RPA employees does it take to change a lightbulb?"..

June 15 2006 ~ "Farmers yesterday accused the Food Standards Agency of threatening the future of sheep farming

June 14 2006 ~ "....a message of this kind will create serious difficulties for sheep farmers at a time when they least need further problems from government agencies"

June 13 2006 ~ " All it takes is one break in the chain and chaos ensues, with rotting carcasses lying uncollected for days"

June 13 2006 ~Complaints of scandalous and time-wasting behaviour by staff at RPA

June 11 2006 ~ Bovine TB policy and badgers " joint and cooperative approach" needed - Letter in the Vet Record

June 9 2006 ~ A disease being termed "atypical BSE" is being found in older cattle in both USA and Europe

June 9 2006 ~ Bovine TB "as the vets have now comprehensively exposed, the Krebs trials were only a pseudo-scientific charade, never designed to work."

June 8 2006 ~"Unless the vaccination lobby prevails.... then consumers may lose the option of choosing more ethical and humane outdoor-reared poultry products"

June 8 2006 ~ Charoen Pokphand "source of a bird flu outbreak" - the protein-rich chicken feathers were recycled to make chicken feed; the innards of the chickens were recycled into fish feed.. company dominates the feed industry."

June 6 2006 ~ "dumping manure and carcasses into ponds and having them eaten by fish possibly results in ponds that can be reservoirs for flu virus .."

June 5 2006 ~ "severe funding shortfalls in fight against bird flu". Agencies "are being run ragged" . No coordinated effort to mobilize grant support

June 4 2006 ~ "governments worldwide and in some states are recommending restrictions or closure of backyard and free-range poultry production"

June 2 2006 ~ Rome conference - "H5N1 virus in eight African countries appeared to be poultry-related and chiefly based on trade... including illegal trade"

June 2 2006 ~ "we will inevitably see land abandonment in upland areas of Wales"

June 1 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown" is not one of the methods recognised for disease control by the OIE guidelines.

May 31 2006 ~ Prusiner challenged at last - and dismay that the "good work of others trashed by the traditional weapon of choice in scientific disputes - anonymous peer review"

May 31 2006 ~ Wild bird role in flu 'unclear' and "an impassioned plea for the use of vaccines to control the disease in domestic poultry."

May 30 2006 ~ RPA Latest

May 30 2006 ~ H5N1 is spreading more through commercial husbandry and the humans that are moving poultry around says Juan Lubroth (FAO)

May 29 2006 ~ Member states must have suitable arrangements in place for the possible use of emergency vaccination.

May 27 2006 ~ Rapid Diagnosis no longer to be ignored - but a further wait of three years is envisaged

May 27 2006 ~new waste management regulations came into force on May 15.

May 21 2006 ~ " the old Research Council institutes..... are withering on the vine"

May 21 2006 ~".. they are repulsed by the prospect of further mass killing - euphemistically called culling by Defra - of healthy livestock in the event of avian flu or some other infectious disease"

May 21 2006 ~ " a draught of common sense." from Lord Rooker

May 20 2006 ~ Avian Influenza. Illogical and inconsistent government reactions .

May 19 2006 ~ "a new theory is gaining ground that the outbreak in wild birds near Qinghai Lake may be linked to fish farms around the lake"

May 19 2006 ~ Vets should be able to charge more for their services and rely less on profits on animal drugs

May 19 2006 ~ Apologies again for lack of updates

May 16 2006 ~ Poultry vaccine manufacturers/suppliers and their vaccines

May 15 2006 ~ "strong political leadership, excellent work by government officials, and an intensive engagement of people at community level "

May 15 2006 ~"far more attention needs to be given to monitoring and controlling the transport of poultry and other live birds and bird products"

May 13 2006 ~ Thunderstorm puts paid to warmwell.com

May 13 2006 ~ Emailers solve mystery of the missing link (Ben Bradshaw...see below)

May 12 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw's non-answer includes a link that doesn't work

May 12 2006 ~ The Tate Welcomes Britain's Farmers

May 12 2006 ~ Risks negligible....

May 12 2006 ~ FMD is raging across Vietnam

May 11th 2006 ~ "Despite Predictions, Migrating Birds Didn't Carry Deadly Flu" says the New York Times

May 10th 2006 ~ "botched reshuffle last night threatened to overshadow a rare sliver of good news emerging from the RPA"

May 10th 2006 ~ Botswana FMD outbreak ".. The local everyday consumer is hardest hit just to appease the beef industry that exports to the EU markets"

May 10th 2006 ~ "the moment when the limits of the New Labour synthesis were exposed"

May 9th 2006 ~ In some parts of the country, sheep no longer "valuable enough" to merit treatment by a vet.

May 8th 2006 ~ Will David Miliband be interested in the new armoury against global diseases?

May 8 2006 ~ "Under Margaret Beckett, farmers have been the victims of incompetence to match anything at the Home Office"

May 7 2006 ~ H5N1

May 5 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw repeats his mantra - " we do not see any role for vaccination"

May 5 2006 ~ Intervet says its inactivated vaccine "..confers protection on poultry... allows differentiation between infected and vaccinated birds..In Hong Kong vaccinated birds no longer transmitted the virus and did not turn into carriers...."

May 5 2006 ~ Where is any evidence that "symptoms would be masked, making detection and eradication considerably more difficult"?

May 4 2006 ~ Foot and Mouth - Because of EU market restrictions, Botswana must decide between culling - which it does not want to do - and vaccinating - which it does.

May 4 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown" means suffocation and birds could take up to a day to die

May 4 2006 ~ "Bird flu has been in Norfolk since mid-March

May 2 2006 ~ The RPA has been paying the wrong people

May 2 2006 ~ Free -range birds blamed for the virus that " has been present in Britain for at least a month" - but the virus involved here is a low pathogenicity virus and not the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 nor the H7N7 strain that so badly affected the Netherlands in 2003.

May 2 2006 ~ No surveillance in the UK picked up what blood samples now show - that the birds were exposed to the H7N3 virus as long as four weeks ago.

May 2 2006 ~ "The policy of restrictions on export trade when part of the livestock population is vaccinated for controlling outbreaks should be reconsidered"

May 1 2006 ~ Bovine TB "Perhaps it is time for the SVS to take a long hard look at the wider picture"

May 1 2006 ~ Bird Flu restrictions are lifted in Scotland and the Netherlands

April 30 2006 ~ The hens are killed in gas chambers of argon gas or else shot with a stun gun.

April 30 2006 ~ "The situation would be laughable if it were not so serious for so many hard-working farmers..."

April 30 2006 ~ Two more farms infected with H7. Japan has banned poultry imports from Britain and no one knows which the index case is..

April 29 2006 ~ " a risk to animal and human health - or a healthy pragmatism which we would do well to imitate?"

April 29 2006 ~ Vets continued to slaughter 35,000 chickens

April 28 2006 ~ One of the Whitford Lodge workers has "Bird Flu" conjunctivitis, associated with H7

April 28 2006 ~ " one of the few success stories in agriculture, with 37% of UK laying birds being free-range or organic and generating burgeoning consumer support for their higher welfare standards..."

April 28 2006 ~ Agriculture Commissioner Fischer Boel was asked on 12 April for an SFP extension until mid-October

April 28 2006 ~ "up to 20% of farmers' payments are to be diverted into Rural Development Schemes."

April 28 2006 ~ "600,000 birds every week"

April 28 2006 ~ Bird Flu and Factory farming ".... infection is aerosolised and effectively spread to all or at least many others."

April 28 2006 ~ CVO assures us that mass killing is legal

April 27 2006 ~ "Desperate Westcountry farmers

April 27 2006 ~ The 1st suspected case of avian influenza in a wild bird has been detected in the Free State of Saxony. Data should be being compiled, compared, and published by a central EU scientific authority says ProMed.

April 27 2006 ~ "What sort of conditions are they being raised in? Have these poor things ever seen the light of day? Have they ever enjoyed a scratch around or a dust bath?"

April 27 2006 ~ 35,000 hens in Norfolk to be "slaughtered on suspicion"

April 27 2006 ~ Freedom of Information query produces very little to support Mr Bradshaw's assertion about vaccination

April 24/25 2006 ~ "The cost of sacking the wildlife officers, some of whom have been with the department for more than 20 years, has been put at between £2 million and £3 million"

April 24 2006 ~ Anthrax in Wales ".... I do hope that they vaccinated those cows."

April 24 2006 ~ Anthrax survey "... the regional Defra chiefs refused to recall the files from their archives."

April 23/24 2006 ~ Pedigree calf, Fern, did NOT "show typical signs of bovine TB at the post mortem" There were no open lesions at all - but the press were told there were.

April 23/24 2006 ~ "It is clear that the H5N1 problem originated from outbreaks in poultry...Poultry trade and mechanical movement of infected materials are likely modes for spreading HPAI in general..."

April 22 2006 ~ "they'll be killed immediately even before more detailed testing is finished....confined and killed with carbon dioxide gas"

April 22 2006 ~ US " The government has vaccines to protect poultry from the virus but is reluctant to use them

April 22 2006 ~ When Exotic Newcastle disease (END) hit California rapid real-time PCR was used "eliminating individual bird handling, and providing a time- and cost-efficient sampling technique".

April 22 2006 ~ "Pingrid Alexandra promptly threw up, while the other birds did not appear to have an adverse reaction...."

April 20/21 2006 ~ US government will " kill off any flocks suspected of having the virus even before tests are completed"

April 20/21 2006 ~ Quarantined free range birds can move on May 1

April 19 2006 ~ " it's convenient to blame wild birds, since then no one has to admit that their borders are out of control."

April 19 2006 ~ Interim SFPs will be paid as soon as is 'operationally possible'

April 19 2006 ~"Testing is controlled by the government and only occurs then if the government allows.." The MacDonalds move raises fresh questions about on-farm testing

April 19 2006 ~ MacDonalds calls for Europe's hens to be kept indoors. This is no solution to the threat from H5N1 - quite the opposite.

April 18 2006 ~ Did Dr Reynolds mean "reverse transcriptase" PCR when she wrote "Real Time PCR"?

April 18 2006 ~ The EU has been secretly warning about uncertainties over GM - while approving their use for human consumption

April 18 2006 ~ CVO Debby Reynolds reported to the OIE that vaccination is "routinely used" and that RT-PCR is being used at Weybridge

April 16/18 2006 ~ The Forest of Dean Community Radio is running a 2-part memorial program 'Foot and Mouth 5 years on'

April 16/18 2006 ~ Help save Fordhall Farm: "a community driven venture which is helping to reconnect people with the land and food, whilst promoting the full 'pasture to plate' cycle."

April 14/16 2006 ~" the foot-and-mouth fiasco should have taught us that action for action's sake is not only pointless, but potentially destructive."

April 14/16 2006 ~"Many experts, the Tribune said, are convinced that the illegal import of infected chicks introduced the virus into Nigeria"

April 14/16 2006 ~ RPA " I have just received the tenth version of maps for my farm, which were wrong again. It is hopeless."

April 13- 16th 2006 ~ UK's food self-sufficiency has been falling steadily for more than a decade

April 14/16 2006 ~ Avian Flu "The timing and location of these outbreaks do not match the movements of migratory birds."

April 14/16 2006 ~ An unhyped - but real and present danger to public health. This Easter Weekend, dirty, illegally slaughtered and diseased meat is arriving in all big cities of the UK

April 13 2006 ~ Elm Farm Research Centre joins in call for Avian Influenza vaccination for poultry

April 12 2006 ~ "What's alarming about failure to deploy rapid PCR tests even to regional diagnostic labs since 2001 is that technology has moved on significantly while nothing was being done."

April 12 2006 ~ National Scrapie Plan " the VRQ allele, currently being eliminated under the NSP, appears to confer resis