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June 3rd 2011 ~ "...we're able to take our device, literally plug it in to the cigarette lighter of a car, and run molecular diagnostic tests out in the field..."

June 3rd 2011 ~ "the collaboration with the FAO in the establishment of a portable and mobile diagnostic system that demonstrates high sensitivity and specificity characteristics, but is also affordable throughout the world."

May 31st 2011 ~ Genestat machine is ideally suited to early detection of foot and mouth

May 30th 2011 ~ Nigel Gibbens:" these types of tests aren't currently practical for use on the ground during an outbreak" But DxNA Genestat would seem to prove the CVO mistaken

May 30th 2011 ~ Is DEFRA aware of the following points from the DxNA website about the cheapest, most effective - and already available - on-site diagnosis system?

May 27th 2011 ~ Vaccination – "We must have common sense along the food chain We must avoid mass slaughter...": Declan O'Brien, IFAH-Europe Managing Director

May 27th 2011 ~ “Mathematical models are useful for predicting how  outbreaks will spread, but in order to make the models  accurate, we need to supply them with data about how  disease spreads in the real world.”

May 26th 2011 ~ "Quarantine was applied and all animals were subsequently vaccinated."

May 25th 2011 ~ "We had the know-how. We had the vaccine. What was missing was adequate and targeted investment and a cohesive global coordinating mechanism." Cattle Plague has finally been eradicated globally.

May 24th 2011 ~ UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security finally gets Government to admit it takes Peak Oil seriously

May 24th 2011 ~ Grocery Ombudsman - the draft bill is 52 pages long...

May 23rd 2011 ~ UK declared "Disease free" in January 2002- but DEFRA had been killing FMD antibody positive (recovered) livestock through October to January 2002

May 23rd 2011 ~ "Morley's role was specifically to deceive the farming community and general public into accepting that the policy was both effective and legal, when it was demonstrably neither..."Alan Beat

May 23rd 2011 ~"On the risks of persistence of FMD circulation in wild boar/wildlife in South-East Bulgaria and Turkish Thrace"

May 19th 2011 ~ Plans for Foston 2,500-pig factory farm "fail to address pollution risks"

May 14th 2011 ~ Tim Farron has found one in four Cumbrian hill farmers fail to claim payments they are entitled to because they are put off by the paper work,

May 13th 2011 ~ It is the last day to respond to DEFRA's Consultation on their latest Contingency Plan

May 12th 2011 ~ Fukushima - worse and worse, but an attempt is being made to rescue abandoned pets

May 12th 2011 ~ "about to publish proposals..."

(Foot and mouth postings in full.)

May 12th 2011 ~ Horse passports: "Will the Minister re-examine that legal advice from 2005 to work out whether it might be possible to make horse ID cards voluntary rather than compulsory?"

May 11th 2011 ~ "The Science paper, if nothing else, provides sufficient evidence to demonstrate the sheer futility, not to say inhumanity, of hunting down and killing healthy pet sheep in the 'safety' of the owner's living room."

May 9th 2011 ~ "Roger makes an excellent point. Any such tests must be run cow-side. There is no time for the delays inherent in sending off samples to a distant laboratory." ProMed moderator

May 8th 2011 ~ "Why it is that an industrialized system, deeply dependent on fossil fuels and chemical treatments, is promoted as viable, while a much less damaging one is rubbished and condemned as unfit for purpose?"

May 8th 2011 ~ The Prince of Wales' concerns echo those of Dr Don Huber about the urgent need for healthy topsoil

May 8th 2011 ~ the GM industry will not allow independent research into safety

May 8th 2011~ "holy water" laced with arsenic is still being sold illegally to Muslims by UK shops

May 7th 2011 ~ The pathogen "deserves immediate attention with significant resources to avoid a general collapse of our critical agricultural infrastructure"

May 6th 2011 ~ Nigel Gibbens: "While these types of tests aren't currently practical for use on the ground during an outbreak, we are continuing to fund their development..."

May 6th 2011 ~ "..this real time PCR test can be performed at the site of the potential foot and mouth outbreak using automated PCR analyzers that do not require a laboratory..."

May 5th/6th 2011 ~ New research has "significantly altered scientists' thinking about FMD - "what we thought we knew about foot and mouth disease is not entirely true."

May 5/6th 2011 ~ Dr Charleston maintains that the "next challenge" is to develop on-site diagnostic tests for use during an outbreak to detect FMD before clinical signs appear. This is an incomprehensible remark.

May 5th 2011 ~ EU farm minister Dacian Ciolos strongly favours traditional agriculture: "GM crops not the panacea for meeting increasing food demands across Europe"

May 4th 2011 ~ Could the National Trust's "My Farm" project reconnect non farmers with farming?

May 3rd 2011 ~ How can we ignore the chilling statistics on arable land?

May 2nd 2011 ~ "our current standard of living, or business-as-usual scenario will not be an option no matter what we do.." Nicole Foss

May 1st 2011 ~ Equine diseases: "UK is ill-prepared for an outbreak"

April 28th 2011 ~ White-nose syndrome is now killing bats in Europe

April 27th 2011 ~Temple Grandin: 'Improving Animal Welfare- A Practical Approach'

April 26th 2011 ~ Responsibility and Cost Sharing - the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England - operating within DEFRA itself - yet a "completely new way of working" says Jim Paice

April 26th 2011 ~ "This is about the Big Society...."

April 26th 2011 ~ The BVA reaction to the new Animal Health and Welfare Board for England

April 26th 2011 ~ NFU reaction to the new Animal Health and Welfare Board for England

April 25th 2011 ~ Bulgaria FMD continues. ProMed concerned about the "vaccination" applied in Thrace

April 21st 2011 ~ Another DEFRA Contingency Plan. Another consultation. We have until May 13th

April 21st 2011 ~ Diagnostic testing will, during an "amber" or "red" alert, simply precede slaughter and samples carried all the way to Pirbright (or Weybridge if Pirbright cannot cope).

April 21st 2011 ~ Bulgaria, ignoring vaccination, is to fight FMD with a new barbed wire fence

April 21st 2011 ~ South Korea finds FMD in piglets a week after downgrading the alert level from orange to yellow

April 19th 2011 ~ Human barren battery cage - Trafalgar Square

April 19th 2011 ~ Worse and worse for Bulgaria as "police sharpshooters in the Bulgarian Strandzha region" prepare to shoot roaming, starving animals

April 19th 2011 ~ Bulgaria's foot and mouth - In the Strandja region, animals are dying of starvation

April 18th 2011 ~ Take action against giant indoor pig production in the UK

April 17th 2011 ~ South Korea An additional outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease

April 17th 2011 ~ Penside testing: "the diagnostic specificity of the LFD was approximately 99% compared to 100% for the ELISA"

April 16th 2011 ~ "The bottom line is still, that if the CVO wanted to embrace vaccination to live using DIVA vaccines, he would have noticed these fundamental stumbling blocks.."

April 16th 2011 ~ "...the risks posed by vaccinated carriers must be an acceptable, "close to zero" risk. ..."

April 12th 2011 ~ "I firmly believe that if you give farmers the tools and correct opportunities they can manage and control disease." (as long as it's Bluetongue rather than FMD?)

April 12th 2011 ~ The thaw in Korea raises further concerns about polluted ground water from buried animals

April 10th 2011 ~ "The time to discuss vaccines is now!" Professor Sheila Crispin and Toby Tennant

April 8th 2011 ~ Scotland leads the way - again

April 8th 2011 ~ Southeast Bulgaria - yet another discovery of FMD leading to the slaughter of hundreds more domestic animals - and no vaccination.

April 7th 2011 ~ £10,000 bonus is not 'big bucks' says Dame "Austerity" Ghosh. But the £32,000 claimed by Elliot Morley returned to haunt him today

April 6th 2011 ~ Livestock emissions - the amount regularly quoted was criticised by the European Commission last week

April 5th 2011 ~ Fifth case in Bulgaria highlights the idiocy of non-vaccination. Hundreds more animals to be killed

March 31st 2011 ~ Bulgaria. Hundreds of farmers say they would rather die than have their animals destroyed

March 31st 2011 ~ Massive water pollution detected near livestock burial sites [S. Korea]

March 29th 2011 ~ FMD Bulgaria "..from large farms which employ up to 30 individuals, to families who own one or two cows.. This is a tragedy,"

March 28th 2011 ~ Heartbreaking reminders of 2001 as 300 Bulgarian farmers try to stop the killing of their flocks and herds and ask for FMD vaccination instead

March 27th 2011 ~ Vaccine gave the vaccinated livestock "satisfactory protection"

March 27th 2011 ~ Bulgarian villagers want "an all-out vaccination campaign"

March 26th 2011 ~ Yet more FMD discovered in three villages in SE Bulgaria

March 26th 2011 ~ Current EU legislation allows for live animals to be transported for several days. This has to be changed.

March 24th 2011 ~ Bulgaria's second new outbreak of FMD

March 24th 2011 ~ "Lesson Identified 23 – GB Administrations should develop their strategy for the on-farm use of portable diagnostic equipment." Silver Birch Report

March 23 2011 ~ "The old NFU line about 'the public not eating (FMD) vaccinated meat' is now generally accepted for the dinosaur it was..."

March 22nd 2011 ~ Bulgaria did not use vaccination. Now it has a new outbreak

March 22nd 2011 ~ "the panel does not include one single representative of those who campaigned against the government's plans."

March 21 2011 ~ "...We must learn to put aside deep-seated prejudice and embrace vaccination. It fully deserves to be regarded as a method of first use, not of last resort.."

March 20th 2011 ~ Wrexham's "humane destruction" of strayed cows to "protect them from further suffering", has provoked anger and has been criticised by Susan Elan Jones MP.

March 19th 2011 ~ "...helping the pets in Japan is to help people."

March 16th 2011 ~ More from the Scotland conference: "future contingency plans should incorporate emergency protective barrier or ring vaccination"

March 15th 2011 ~ FMD vaccination "a real opportunity to build these innovations and flexibilities into our future contingency planning" says Nigel Miller

March 15th 2011 ~ 1 pm at Great Orton. Short Memorial Service to commemorate illegal slaughter of millions. All welcome. "Except the press and MPs," writes Nick Green

March 15th 2011 ~ Escaped farm animals slaughtered 'on welfare grounds'

March 14th 2011 ~ UN takes very seriously the decline in bees

March 13th 2011 ~ Cheap Meat is dangerous

March 12th 2011 ~ Trauma can't be airbrushed, nor guilt Gillded

March 11th 2011 ~ Hens show empathy to the distress of their chicks

March 11th 2011 ~ "the government is now using the term hill farmers again"

March 10th 2011 ~ " Free trade is frankly a lower order consideration when compared to animal welfare and the health of our environment.," says George Eustice, MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle.

March 9th 2011 ~ "Surely, they are owed the assurance that their sacrifices will mean that others will never have to witness the terrible scenes of slaughter ever again....."

March 9th 2011 ~ "because we produce more electricity than we need, we are looking at other ways to further develop the business..."

March 7th 2011 ~ Resubmission planning application for a 1000 cow dairy on the outskirts of Welshpool, Powys

March 7th 2011 ~ The legacy of Margaret Beckett's ill advised and complicated system of RPA payments- "chaos, errors and EU fines"- still rumbles on

March 5th 2011 ~ South Korea to abandon "FMD free without vaccination"

March 4th 2011 ~ "What's needed is government commitment to food security through its support for a healthy, modern agriculture"

March 4th 2011 ~ "Management jargon is taking over organisations. People don't understand what the other person is saying" Lady Justice Hallett

March 3/4th 2011 ~ Farming Today's look at "pressure on farms to increase in size" ignores the possibility that the end of oil dependent agrifarming is nigh...

March 2nd 2011 ~ Select Committee warns that Government leaves science advice to the last minute in national emergencies

March 3rd 2011 ~ Is there widespread trust and confidence in so-called "sound scientific advice"

March 2nd 2011 ~ "... "its not like an ordinary recession ...you may not get it back for many years, if ever...".Governor of the Bank of England

March 2nd 2011 ~ "One day when the public realise food doesn't originate from the supermarket shelf ...."

February 28th 2011 ~ "The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA) was a knee-jerk piece of legislation which has done little to protect the public..."

February 28th 2011 ~ "Hopefully, it will get some truth out."

February 28th 2011 ~ Western Morning News' front page today: "Smugglers' charter" fears as UK Border Agency abandons Cornwall, moving customs cover to Gatwick

February 28th 2011 ~ The cost of using real-time diagnosis - and of not using it

February 27th 2011 ~ Agrifarming depends on cheap energy, cheap credit, cheap water and parts manufactured abroad. For how long can agrifarming continue?

February 26th 2011 ~ MBM, organophosphates, BSE, and broken lives

February 26th 2011 ~ South Korea - finally - "completes vaccinations on cattle to contain FMD"

February 25th 2011 ~ Warmwell.com article on "FMD ten years on" is on Farmers Guardian online today

February 24 2011 ~ "existing legislation regarding vaccination should be amended in such a way that vaccination becomes a realistic option in the event of a crisis".

February 24th 2011 ~ So much for EFSA's independence - or being there in the interests of food safety

23/24 February 2011 ~ "This rapid strip test is simple, easy and fast for clinical testing on field sites"

23/24 February 2011 ~ Caroline Spelman is to be congratulated on her efforts at EU level to ensure that the battery cage ban is not delayed

23/24 February 2011 ~ "the shameful and scandalous story of the FMD epidemic is all but forgotten. Arguably worse than forgotten, as it never really came to light at all."

20/21st February 2011 ~ Swan deaths at Stratford on Avon - lead poisoning or Bird Flu? ''I think we are looking at a virus," says the former Stratford Mayor

20/21st February 2011 ~ Korea: "There is no economic gain in culling millions of animals to protect a small amount of exports"

20/21st February 2011 ~ "Every step was careless and unsatisfactory"

Sunday 20th February 2011 ~ 'Farming Today This Week' on this, the Tenth Anniversary of FMD, devoted their programme to horses.

Saturday 19 February 2011 ~ "Foot and mouth marked the nadir of the fortunes of farming - that was the worst it ever got. People were deeply traumatised and some wounds will never heal." Anthony Gibson

February 18th 2011 ~ "The way to ensuring public confidence in food and farming is by making sure the authorities are open to public scrutiny at every opportunity."

February 17th 2011 ~ Grazing cows or sheep cut Nitrous oxide emissions

February 17th 2011 ~ The Uplands, a unique national asset, needs urgent action - (and especially broadband)"

February 16th/17th 2011 ~ "The Secretary of State is obliged under Regulations 9 and 10 of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (Control of Vaccination) (England) Regulations 2006 (2006/183)...."

February 16th 2011 ~ Nocton Dairies withdraws its plans for the "Super Dairy", the 3770-cow dairy unit in Lincolnshire.

February 15th/16th 2011 ~ Pushing the hard decisions ever further down the road - the unbearable delay in getting vital tools "validated"

February 15th 2011 ~ Bulgaria may have spoken too soon

February 15th 2011 ~ "The way Argentina sees it, before it even considers ending its vaccination programme, Europe will have one of its own"

February 15th 2011 ~ BBC Inside-Out programmes from Cumbria and from Devon

February 15th 2011 ~ "The regulations ought to line up with the science. It's a quite cynical seeking of commercial advantage."

February 14th 2011 ~ BBC South West's Inside Out programme - a hard hitting exposé of our current unpreparedness

February 14th 2011 ~ "... it is long past time for a radical overhaul of plans to combat foreign animal disease introductions - accidental or deliberate."

February 14th 2011 ~ "Deputy Chief Vet Alick Simmons said border controls were already robust enough to prevent the disease." BBC

February 14th 2011 ~ "The choice of vaccination or not should be made on virology and epidemic grounds, not for political, economic, trade and other reasons irrelevant to an FMD outbreak "

February 14th 2011 ~ FMD "preventable and controllable by vaccination" says Hugh Pennington

February 13th 2011 ~ On Monday evening, BBC "Inside Out" looks at FMD policy ten years on.

February 12th 2011 ~ What can we tell the Japanese?

February 11th 2011 ~ North Korea finally admits that foot and mouth is affecting 8 of its provinces

February 11th 2011 ~ "We have to look hard at what kind of farmers we are defending," says English MEP

February 10th 2011 ~ BVA warns of the return of foot and mouth is only "one holiday away"

February 10th 2011 ~ Where are the vets to come from?

February 07, 2011 ~ FMD has been found at South Korea's largest breeding farm

February 6th 2011 ~ BBC's Countryfile visits the grief of 2001 Cumbria - and fails to point out that the sheep killed at Great Orton were uninfected

February 6th 2011 ~ Well done Staffordshire for promoting local food for the 2012 Olympics

February 6th 2011 ~ " The images of what went on, they will live with me forever..."

February 4th 2011 ~ "the fact that vaccine is being used to control the disease may explain the current situation, and spread may be minimal." FMD Libya

February 4th 2011 ~ And as for the results of NOT vaccinating? "farmers' suffering is just collateral damage"

February 4th 2011 ~ Food supplies worldwide are sinking lower, prices are rising higher and credit has trickled away.

February 4th 2011 ~ "Disease eradication that means animal killing is plain and simply, evil and wrong. That's a fact. That is not negotiable."

February 3rd 2011 ~ If we eat meat at all, we eat products from vaccinated animals

February 3rd 2011 ~ Consider...

February 2nd 2011 ~ No one seems ever to have explained to contemporary policy makers that compulsory contiguous culling in 2001 was "as unnecessary as it was ineffective"

February 1st 2011 ~ "If MrGibbens would like to contact me I will be pleased to tutor him on the basics. There is still time but not much."

February 1st 2011 ~ Charlotte Smith talking to Nigel Gibbens: "Isn't vaccination just something that would stay under constant review?"

February 1st 2011 ~ The CVO did not explain that the figure of "3 months"

January 31st 2011 ~ "Clearly a heightened risk": Anthony Gibson on Farming Today. (And 3rd infected village found in Bulgaria)

January 31st 2011 ~ "... these standards are not mandatory and cannot be imposed by the OIE" Dr Bernard Vallat

January 31st 2011 ~ "And yet it was the NFU leadership, wasn't it that was very much against the use of vaccination back in 2001? "

January 31st 2011 ~ "Spelman goes down to the woods - and gets a big surprise" Geoffrey Lean

January 30th/31st 2011 ~ Rising Food Prices Can Topple Governments

January 30th 2011 ~ Bulgarian/Turkish border: ".. at no time did my wife or I ever witness any type of disinfection activity."

January 28th 2011 ~"S. Korea's FMD outbreak turns into economic, social catastrophe "

January 27th/28th 2011 ~ Countess of Mar: "Despite numerous stakeholder meetings over many years, the exercise demonstrated several serious flaws in Defra's contingency measures."

January 27th/28th 2011 ~ The German press picks up the story of the European Livestock Association's letter to the OIE and EU

January 27th/28th 2011 ~ South Korea: "the nation's worst outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease .... also encouraging overseas travel...."(sic)

January 27th 2011 ~ The FAO is advocating proactive vaccination campaigns designed to stop the spread of the disease - and practices that "adequately take animal welfare and environmental impacts into account".

January 26/27th 2011 ~ "Dealers and the meat industry have for too long called the tune"

January 26th 2011 ~ Bulgaria: "... the EU decision aimed to convince overseas customers...that there is no risk for the EU's meat export trade."

January 26th 2011 ~ What "control of wildlife reservoirs"?

January 25th 2011 ~ "South Korea has asked a few countries to donate emergency vaccines..."

January 26/27th 2011 ~ "Dealers and the meat industry have for too long called the tune"

January 26th 2011 ~ What "control of wildlife reservoirs"? sh.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2011/01/17/2011011700459.html"target="_blank">severe cold weather means there is not enough capacity to keep buildings heated let alone cope adequately with the measures needed to combat FMD and H5N1. The moderator comments:The OIE formed an ad-hoc group on vaccines and antigen banks which provided the basis of a new chapter in the OIE Manual in 2004 available "Guidelines For International Standards For Vaccine Banks."

January 24th 2011 ~ "You should not need a law degree to understand the regulations ..."

January 22nd 2011 ~ 2011 marks the 250 year anniversary of the veterinary profession

January 21st 2011 ~ Seoul to "limit the culling of livestock"

January 20th 2011 ~ Latest OIE Wahid report FMD in S Korea lists 29 continuing outbreaks

January 18th/19th 2011 ~ "Should the need arise for FMD vaccination in Bulgaria..." ProMed

January 18th 2011 ~ FMD antigen banks are ".. a vital part of any contingency planning for FMD": Dr Jef Hammond, Pirbright

January 18th 2011 ~ Bulgaria: "Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection * Unknown or inconclusive "

January 18th 2011 ~ Korean Newpaper reacts to outrage at the live burial of pigs in Korea

January 17th 2011 ~ Rezovo FMD: What has been confirmed? Old infection or recent active spread?

January 17th 2011 ~ Bulgaria Foot and Mouth: "Blood samples from farm animals in the village of Rezovo, Bourgas, have proven positive, the National Veterinary Service said"

January 17th 2011 ~ Is'nt Thrace - the most northern region of Turkey - now considered an FMD free (with vaccination) buffer zone?

January 17th 2011 ~ S.Korean farmer at the centre of disease has protected his animals with a special solution - and vaccination

Sunday 16th January 2011 ~ South Korea foot and mouth: "In hindsight, it would have been cheaper if South Korea opted to vaccinate animals but there was no way to predict the huge losses caused by the latest outbreak,"

Sunday 16th January 2011 ~ Meanwhile, in Bulgaria...."there are no guarantees that the case of transmission of FMD from Turkey in our country will not be repeated"

January 15th 2011 ~ "Save our forests - don't sell them off to the highest bidder"

January 15th 2011 ~ Fish Fight! Encouraging numbers of people are signing up to support Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's bid to end the insane waste at sea

January 14th 2011 ~ "this action is considered belated..."

January 14th 2011 ~ SCFCAH decides that only the Bulgarian coastal district of Burgas need now stay in quarantine.

January 13th/14th 2011 ~ What action has been taken to prevent FMD sweeping through Europe if Bulgaria's wildlife is infected?

January 11th 2011 ~ "it is time for the veterinary profession to put the experience they have gained during the last 250 years into practice..."

January 10th/11th 2011 ~ "the decision to vaccinate should be made swiftly, to allow maximum opportunity for protective immunity to develop."

January 10th 2011 ~ Government sell-off of Britain's woodland - Google's graphic representation is shocking.

January 10th 2011 ~ 37 domestic animals reportedly infected with FMD in Kosti, Bulgaria - all others there to die. No mention of vaccination.

January 10th 2011 ~ "Modelling showed that vaccination in a 5km radius of IPs would have the effect of shortening the epidemic."

January 10th 2011 ~ South Korea will now vaccinate ALL remaining animals in the FMD areas

January 9th 2011 ~ "knowing now that my animals were never infected makes it worse."

January 8th 2011 ~ S Korea's automatic contiguous preemptive culling. "This policy failed to prevent spread in the UK" Nick Honhold

January 8th 2011 ~ "I can't do this anymore, not for a million dollars. Each day is a nightmare."

January 7th 2011 ~ FMD has been confirmed in the 3 wild boar in Bulgaria.

January 6th 2011 ~ South Korea's president President Lee Myung-bak: "...we need to do more than just quarantine work."

January 6th 2011 ~ Is DEFRA really aware of how close the threat of FMD is creeping?

Jan 6th 2011 ~ The urgency of the challenge of vaccination cannot be over emphasised.

January 6th 2011 ~ Korea is now considering the vaccination of pigs in addition to cattle

January 5th 2011 ~ "I despair. I look at my beautiful, unique beasts and cannot imagine what I would do if and when tragedy should strike"

January 4th 2011 ~ "Just keep this email and change the name of the country when it happens."

January 4th 2011 ~ South Korea is "moving to effectively vaccinate the entire country"

January 4th 2011 ~ statements made about vaccination should be "meticulously analysed" ProMed.

January 3rd 2011 ~ First post for 2011 - Last gasp plea for foot and mouth protection?

January 3rd 2011 ~ The cost of killing to cure

December 27th 2010 ~ South Korea vaccinates, reassuring its population that vaccinated beef is safe to eat

December 22nd 2010 ~ Korea to vaccinate livestock to cope with FMD spread

December 22nd 2010 ~ "South Korea is mulling over the use of vaccines to stem the worst ever outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease"

December 20th 2010 ~ "our hill farmers are still well below the average UK salary and barely more than minimum wage"

December 19th/20th 2010 ~ "Once there were small, specialist kosher and halal producers, but now the trade has been taken over by industrial concerns"

December 18th 2010 ~ "This partnership would be the first time external expertise - rather than civil servants- has been allowed into decision-making at Westminster."

December 13th 2010 ~ Can the newly unveiled Cost Sharing plans take animal health policy "out of high-emotion politics and into science-based policy-making"?

December 12th 2010 ~ South Korea's policy of not using foot and mouth vaccination means massive killing and staggering costs

December 8th 2010 ~ Farewell and adieu to DEFRA's Permanent Secretary, Dame Helen Ghosh. She is going to the Home Office instead.

December 8th 2010 ~ Monsanto - " it has to go back to the parliament of Canada. And then back to the Congress of the United States to make laws to clarify the question - can you patent a life form?"

December 6th 2010 ~ Foot and Mouth policies continue to cause the mass killing of animals - now South Korea again slaughters thousands

December 3rd 2010 ~ The weather is set to stay very cold indeed. A 'big icy mess' says the Independent

December 3rd 2010 ~ "TSEs in animals such as scrapie have not been found to be transmissible to humans."

November 30th 2010 ~ The US Senate has passed the Food Safety Bill by 73-25 today

November 30th 2010 ~ 'Foodmapper' - a website which invites the community to become community researchers, mapping all the land in the area currently being used by the community to grow food.

November 29th 2010 ~ "The problem of dangerous dogs will not be solved until the government accepts that the Dangerous Dogs Act has failed." Grant Petrie, President of BSAVA

November 29th 2010 ~ Selection for rapid growth plays havoc with the immune system of livestock

November 27th 2010 ~ "Hen inspector" sees sense

November 26th 2010 ~ RPA again: Bad news for the UK's fruit & vegetable producers

November 25th 2010 ~ "Behind the spin they still want to sell our forests to private firms"

November 25th 2010 ~ Rural Women to "Storm Westminster" today

November 24th 2010 ~ GM. Violence and threats stopped research professor's talk about the dangers of glyphosate

November 24th 2010 ~ "British" is really going to mean British on meat and dairy labels

November 23rd 2010 ~ Dairy farming in desperate decline: "Who is to blame for all this? Step forward the supermarkets and, ultimately, the public."

November 20th 2010 ~ Morrisons leads the way on CCTV at its abattoirs

November 19th 2010 ~ Nocton dairies: Will supermarkets listen to concerned consumers?

November 18th 2010 ~ Caroline Lucas urges the government to do more to take the lead in modern, humane medical research without animal suffering

November 18th 2010 ~ NFU: "CAP latest - right diagnosis, wrong prescriptions"

November 16th 2010 ~ "consumers have a real stake in the vibrancy of the British Dairy industry," says the Women's Institute

November 15th/16th 2010 ~ FMD could escape from the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility planned for Kansas - (and have we forgotten 2007 in this country?)

Monday November 15th 2010 ~ "The Food Standard Agency's overbearing attitude invokes nothing but despair."

November 13th 2010 ~ Robust scientific evidence?

November 11th 2010 ~ Plans for the super dairy at Nocton have been changed - downwards and outwards, apparently

November 10th 2010 ~ Cheap food at the cost of animal welfare is not the way forward. At a time of questionable food security, adopt a hen!

November 8th 2010 ~ Foot and Mouth exercise, "Silver Birch", takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

November 4th 2010 ~ "To have permaculture you must have a permanent agriculture"

November 1st 2010 ~ FMD 2001 "It is obvious from the four pages on the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak that the man learnt little...." Daily Telegraph

November 1st 2010 ~ "... the agri-business model is very vulnerable to both energy and financial shocks."

November 1st 2010 ~ One does rather wonder how Sean Rickard imagines the GM technology he espouses will be able to cope in a world without the benefits of cheap oil.

November 1st 2010 ~ The proportion of people involved directly in food production is going to have to increase. .. otherwise what are we going to be eating?

October 29th 2010 ~ Following our concern that licences had been returned by DEFRA to 3 slaughtermen accused of animal cruelty regulation breaches...

Abattoirs: A Twitter message from Smallholder to warmwell:

October 29th 2010 ~Article claims that "because the resources of the FSA, MHS and local authorities have been cut, more illegal meat is entering into the human food chain all over the country."

October 28th 2010 ~ Top level Pirbright FMD meeting: Reporting limited by "country and regional politics"

October 28th 2010 ~ "Emergency vaccination has to be seen in a new light..."

October 28th 2010 ~ William Bain (Glasgow North East, Labour) asked when Caroline Spelman expects to publish DEFRA's strategy for sustainable food production; "and if she will make a statement".

October 27th 2010 ~ UK's own contingency plan exercise in November does not aim to "provoke new policy developments"

October 27th 2010 ~ it is worth noting that previous exercises have been somewhat ill fated.

October 26th 2010 ~ Sweden is testing its FMD contingency plan this week

October 25th ~ "I think our farmers have to take some responsibility in both being more open...."

October 24th 2010 ~ DEFRA wants to sell Britain's forests to private companies- or, in DEFRAspeak, to "energise" them.

October 21st 2010 ~ The Higher-Level Stewardship scheme has now been suspended

October 21st 2010 ~ "Defra has been criticised for a lack of detail on what its spending settlement will actually mean."

October 20th 2010 ~The National Audit Office says Defra's data on animal health is not good enough to justify a comprehensive animal health cost sharing policy.

October 12th 2010 ~".. no matter if the filming was with or without permission the meat industry has shot itself in the foot big time."

October 9th 2010 ~ Pig Business: an open letter MRSA "..In Europe, serious community-acquired human infections and some deaths have already been caused by farm-animal strains."

October 8th 2010 ~ "...the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic was shaped by incessant War metaphors in newspapers and other media: the same narrative is being followed for badgers and TB with very negative consequences."

October 8th 2010 ~ "Both the virus and the fungus proliferate in cool, damp weather, and both do their dirty work in the bee gut.."

October 7th 2010 ~ The CAP towards 2020 "payments should be reviewed and made more understandable to the taxpayer"

October 7th 2010 ~ Well done DEFRA for taking seriously the need to help increasing numbers of new beekeepers

October 6th 2010 ~ The notorious Vreba-Hoff dairy - is this so different from the sort of mega dairy that we might see in Britain if Nocton's 8100-cow dairy herd becomes the thin end of the wedge?

October 4th 2010 ~ Will animal welfare suffer by the scrapping of the Farm Animal Welfare Council?

October 4th 2010 ~ Nocton's mega dairy loses a key partner

October 3rd 2010 ~Will the new time-based charge in abattoirs mean the end of locally produced and processed meat?

October 1st 2010 ~ "Since I started tweeting I have connected with all sorts of people involved in, or interested in rural issues."

September 28th 2010 ~ "at the moment the supermarkets pay so little for beef that we cannot pull things together." NBA

September 28th 2010 ~ "The [previous] government thought it could slap a levy on every animal. We've moved a long way from that piece of nonsense"

September 28th 2010 ~ "If everyone on our planet lived like an average European, we would need three planets to live on."

September 25th 2010 ~ Britain is more dependent on food imports than at any stage over the last 40 years..."complete folly" says Tim Lang.

September 24th 2010 ~ "when you have big dairies controlling most of the milk supply, you have a lot more political power"

September 23rd/24th 2010 ~ The potential loss of antimicrobial therapy...."The magic bullets have lost some of their magic."

September 22nd 2010 ~ BVA says "all animals should be stunned before slaughter"

September 20th 2010 ~ Licences returned by DEFRA to 3 slaughtermen accused of animal cruelty regulation breaches.

September 20th 2010 ~ Growth in vegetarianism reflects concern about animal welfare

September 17th 2010 ~ Government cancels Food Standards Agency's pro GM "debate"

September 17th 2010 ~ If the transport industry were not so mighty....

September 17th 2010 ~ DEFRA concluded in 2009 that "introduction of EIA to the UK through legal trade in horses from the EU to the UK would be low likelihood".

September 17th 2010 ~"all borders are porous"

September 16th 2010 ~ New venture for Old Swindon's Wood Street - its first Farmers Market starts on Sunday

  • According to the BBC today, the firstWilts Farmers' Market was held in Bath in 1997, now there are 650 across the country. Sue Thompson,Standards Manager for FARMA is quoted: "I think there had been a few hygiene or food scares so it was about being able to find out where the products had come from and how they'd been reared or produced."

    September 14th 2010 ~"It is just part of the process that people who have a hammer see every problem as a loose nail..."

    September 14th ~ ProMed speaks of the hazard of FMD to neighbouring countries where FMD vaccination is not practised

    September 13th/ 14th 2010 ~ "farming really is an industry, much like car manufacturing or steel forging," says Jay Rayner. (And therefore doomed, say others)

    September 13/14 2010 ~ The two year old beagle who sniffs out Clostridium difficile - Rapid on-site diagnosis...

    September 11th 2010 ~ A German dairy farmer dispenses the output of 78 cows from a stainless steel vending machine.

    September 10th 2010 ~ "Because there is no live FMD virus in the vaccine, the field test presents no risk for a disease outbreak." USDA

    September 10th 2010 ~"We have a business to run but we also believe that we have a duty of care for our community, our animals and our environment."

    September 9th 2010 ~ "This proves that banning marketing for antimicrobial medicines would be detrimental to animal health and welfare in the UK."

    September 8th 2010 ~ Could H5N1 be the next global pandemic?

    September 7th 2010 ~ "time is saved as samples do not have to be transported...."

    September 7th 2010 ~ Lack of communications technology is hampering rural farms and businesses

    September 5/6th 2010 ~ Foot and Mouth creeps closer as Turkey struggles with a 300% increase in the disease

    September 5th 2010 ~ Hackney Council is calling in an expert vet to assess the health and welfare of the Clissold deer herd.

    September 4th 2010 ~ FAO is calling an extraordinary Intersessional Meeting of the IGG of Grains and of the IGG on Rice later this month

    September 3rd 2010 ~ Food Security: Russia has announced a 12-month extension of its grain export ban yesterday - riots in Mozambique left seven dead.

    September 3rd 2010 ~ Japanese FMD suspected cows test negative

    September 2nd 2010 ~Why in 2010 - in Japan of all places - is anyone looking at a reported case of suspect FMD without the tools to make a diagnosis?

    September 2nd 2010 ~ A new FMD case? How long will it take for Miyazaki to know if it really has a new case of foot and mouth?

    September 1st 2010 ~ abandoned dogs and welfare

    September 1st 2010 ~ Other countries want to share Landshare

    August 31st 2010 ~ Welsh CVO Christianne Glossop is going to jump out of a plane...

    August 27th 2010 ~ "Miyazaki Declares End of Foot-and-Mouth Epidemic" says the headline - but why did Japan decline help from the FAO and what lessons will be learned?

    August 25th 2010 ~ The real price of "economies of scale"

    August 24th 2010 ~ Generations of Pakistan's livestock are threatened

    August 23rd 2010 ~ "It's all very well to campaign for new regulations but at present even the existing regulations are not being enforced"

    August 20th 2010 ~ Science is being used to sweep the well-tried traditional methods aside. Colin Tudge:

    August 20th 2010 ~ "It is about how much milk you can get out of each cow."

    August 19th 2010 ~ "In answer to your query (below), I am forced to conclude after the same weary and (almost) fruitless nine years as yourself..."

    August 17th 2010 ~ Why is such "heavy lifting" needed to get rapid test technology into suspected premises - and into the Contingency Plan?

    August 17th 2010 ~ Successful detection kits are manufactured and are already in use elsewhere for rapid lightweight and on-site diagnosis - Why are we not using them?

    August 16th 2010 ~ "We welcome the new Government's commitment to localism"

    August 13th 2010 ~ DEFRA will lose millions of pounds from its budget - but what were last year's millions spent on?

    13th August 2010 ~ Mongolia's FMD outbreak was contained and quickly resolved by means of vaccination and effective testing

    13th August 2010 ~ "Let's have a proper debate about the wider implications. This is not just about Nocton Dairies!"

    11th August 2010 ~ Miyazaki carries out "visual examinations" to "prove" the end of FMD

    Tuesday 11th August 2010 ~ Britain's chronic shortage of allotments could be solved by reallocating funding from landfill tax

    Monday August 9th 2010 ~Circuses and charity events are allowed to display temporary signs - but not farmers' markets.

    August 8th 2010 ~ The FSA's "only objection to the cloned milk and meat that has slipped silently into our food appears to be bureaucratic: the necessary forms have not been filled in nor permissions sought."

    August 7th 2010 ~ "There was no evidence of ill-treatment...."

    August 6th 2010 ~ Do we really want to sleepwalk into accepting cloning?

    August 5th 2010 ~ Wheat prices now at £4.95 a bushel - the highest since September 2008

    August 5th 2010 ~ "A global land grab is on..."

    August 5th 2010 ~ Super dairies - for and against

    August 3rd 2010 ~ Officials admit that the supermarket ombudsman Groceries Code Adjudicator may be two years away.

    August 3rd 2010 ~ The "tricky" relationship between MPs and scientists. "Generally, they are two separate camps who do not communicate..."

    August 3rd 2010 ~ British Veterinary Association (BVA) has renewed its call for clearer animal welfare labelling across the EU - that consumers can trust. .

    August 2nd 2010 ~ Peter Stevenson CIWF: " I would be appalled if milk from a clone offspring cow is coming into the food chain in the UK."

    August 2nd 2010 ~ Concerns about the ethical side of animal cloning are deeply felt

    July 30th 2010 ~ Concern about the spread of herbicide resistant weeds

    July 29th 2010 ~ RPA and DEFRA blamed by the National Audit Office for the £millions of public money lost from the country in order to pay EU fines

    July 29th 2010 ~ Michael Pollan: "the most humane and most environmentally sustainable choices frequently turn out to be the most delicious.."

    July 28th 2010 ~ World Bank warns against the global land grab

    July 27th 2010 ~ Defra has announced a £90,000 research programme for the early identification of future disease threats such as African Horse Sickness - for which vaccines are already being developed at Pirbright.

    July 27th 2010 ~ FAO's One Health strategy urges governments to improve disease prevention

    July 26th 2010 ~ "Objectively, a single, solitary sick water buffalo showing "fever and diarrhea" is not usually expected to become subject to suspicion of FMD"

    July 26th 2010 ~ MRSA "direct associations between animal and human carriage of ST398"

    July 25th 2010 ~ "It is unfortunate that your proposals have not been discussed in the House of Commons..."

    July 23rd 2010 ~ GM crops. The Irish Government has destroyed its field trials after contamination by Monsanto's patented GM NK603

    July 23rd 2010 ~ How timely it is that the Food Ethics Council is showing concern for the livelihoods of smallscale and subsistence farmers

    July 23rd 2010 ~ "business as usual isn't an option" - report of the Food and Fairness Inquiry

    July 21st 2010 ~"we have seen just how dangerous this particular serotype of FMD can be in terms of rapidity of spread"

    July 20th/21st 2010 ~ FMD on the move westwards from Asia. Russia is vaccinating

    July 20th 2010 ~ "unacceptable that these same corners are still being cut in 2010"

    July 20th 2010 ~ The Rural Payments Agency's use of funds on advertising, public relations, consultants/contractors, bonuses, entertainment and overtime

    July 20th 2010 ~ EU Commission's TSE Road map 2 - and NBA's response

    July 20th 2010 ~ Could there be an end in sight to the long-running saga of TSE controls and their mammoth costs?

    July 16th/17th 2010 ~ New surveillance system predicted Asian FMD - and a new vaccine is already available.

    July 16th 2010 ~ FMD Miyazaki. Elderly owner's face says it all - the stud bulls are doomed

    July 16th 2010 ~"It was very easy to use! Sample preparation took about two minutes. We all learned how to use the GeneSTAT within a few minutes."

    July 16th 2010 ~ FMD Miyazaki: "We urged the quarantine officer many times to examine the cow, but he didn't listen to us..."

    (see FMD page)

    July 15th 2010 ~ Reports of the death of the FSA may have been greatly exaggerated

    July 12th 2010 ~ Food Standards Agency to be consumed by DEFRA and DoH

    July 10th 2010 ~ Miyazaki FMD - priceless and healthy "wagyu" stud bulls. Will they be sacrificed because of OIE code 8.5.8.?

    July 8th 2010 ~ The elusive quest for sniffer dogs

    July 7th 2010 ~ "One of the problems is that lessons are lost ..."

    July 7th 2010 ~ Lessons that could and should have been learned - and were not

    July 7th 2010 ~ "You would not believe the paperwork involved in exporting farm animals...And it was never looked at. All binned"

    July 7th 2010 ~ DEFRA's apparent penchant for over-interpretation does not save it from the ire of an EU audit.

    July 6th 2010 ~ No veterinary input into expert forum on "Cost Sharing and Responsibility" for Scotland?

    July 5th 2010 ~The higher the reward the worse the performance?

    July 5th 2010 ~ The FMD tragedy in Japan is not over. "Miyazaki cow tests positive for foot-and-mouth disease"

    July 5th 2010 ~ tens of millions of pounds for depressed rural areas in the next decade - thanks to Prince Charles.

    July 4th 2010 ~ "some concepts that will make your head ache - but not half as much as they made the poor world's stomachs ache."

    June 30th 2010 ~ Foot and Mouth in Japan: The Miyazaki prefectural government plans to lift its state of emergency tomorrow

    June 29th 2010 ~ "...every veterinary surgeon will want reassurance that the merger will not simply become another way to cut costs "

    June 29th 2010 ~ The Commission for Rural Communities will be publishing their State of the countryside report 2010 next Tuesday. Will they still be in existence?

    June 28th 2010 ~ "a delay in detecting foot-and-mouth disease in the early stages of its outbreak led to the spread of the virus in Miyazaki Prefecture"

    June 28th 2010 ~ In the Netherlands, mass culling is never going to take place again

    June 25th 2010 ~ Red kite falls victim to wind turbine termed "harmless to wildlife"

    June 23rd 2010 ~African Horse Sickness: DEFRA has agreed to put £190,000 per year into a three-year project to develop a new effective vaccine

    June 22nd 2010 ~ The inevitable march of on-site rapid testing will force a change of policy - sooner rather than later, we hope

    June 19th 2010 ~ "More than five tonnes of bushmeat from primates, crocodiles and other rare or protected animals are smuggled in luggage through one of Europe's busiest airports every week"

    June 18th 2010 ~ We have lost so many skills and have built on so much farmland that the coming Depression will make both credit and basic essentials very hard to obtain.

    June 18th 2010 ~ Now rain in Miyazaki adds to the misery

    June 18th 2010 ~ Many know perfectly well that Japan's policy is at least ten years out of date.

    June 16th 2010 ~ Prime minister Naoto Kan says, "We are on the brink of it spreading to the rest of Kyushu."Japan Times

    June 16th 2010 ~ "We should not be surprised that FMD is causing losses to branches of Japan's economy other than agriculture.." ProMed

    June 15th 2010 ~"I finish up with the words 'The shorter the food chain, the more traceable the product and the more manageable the risk.' And I didn't know half what I know now." Caroline Cranbrook

    March 11th 2010 ~The role and cost of bovine EID is being discussed by a DEFRA stakeholders group

    March 11th 2010 ~ Is your MP signing?

    March 10th 2010 ~ Battery farming cows - or better husbandry: "complaints made on ethical grounds could not be considered as valid reasons to deny planning permission".

    March 10th 2010 ~ Last chance to respond to DEFRA's African Horse Sickness Consultation

    March 10th 2010 ~ DEFRA finally agree to pay Mr W and Mr Y

    March 10 2010 ~ Excellent Report of February's QFever conference in the Netherlands

    March 2010 ~ Apologies -

    February 26th/27th 2010 ~ Foresight Land Use Futures Project - "for the first time ever I see that the importance of drainage is mentioned in relation to soil productivity.."

    February 26th 2010 ~ DEFRA buys more British

    February 26th 2010 ~ In Australia, people have been vaccinated against Q-fever for 20 years.

    February 26th 2010 ~ While the official line is that they are harmless, DEFRA begins a project that aims to use psychotherapy to enable sufferers to live with the noise of wind turbines.

    Feb 26th 2010 ~ "the doughtiest fighter for good sense in agriculture"

    February 25 2010 ~ Shall we bring back the Milk Marketing Board, get to grips with bTB or dither til the cows come home

    February 24 2010 ~ School lunches in France.

    February 24 2010 ~ Peter Kendall has been re-elected as NFU president with 80 votes

    February 23rd 2010 ~ Honey Bee decline

    February 23rd 2010 ~ EU Council of Agriculture Ministers reject Poland's attempt to delay the Europe-wide ban on battery cages.

    February 23rd 2010 ~ NFU conference. Hilary Benn speaks about "a successful, profitable agricultural sector" - but Nick Herbert says "It's time to put the F back into DEFRA!"

    February 23rd 2010 ~ NFU conference. Tim Farron warns that plans for an government plans for ombudsman would fail

    February 22nd 2010 ~ "We want government to realise that it runs a real risk"

    February 19th 2010 ~"... these days it's more about being a biologist, a marketeer and a computer geek than a Worzel Gummidge clone."

    February 18th 2010 ~ DefraSpeak as Art form?

    February 18th 2010 ~ In December, the EFRA Committee took evidence on the functioning of the Rural Payments Agency:

    February 16th 2010 ~ Stray dogs, breeding farms and the need for compulsory microchipping head the issues raised by the Dogs Trust.

    February 16th 2010 ~ one quarter of all meat sold in Britain comes from farms where welfare standards are lower than required in UK

    February 16th 2010 ~ African Horse Sickness- "critically important that an incursion of the disease is recognised immediately"

    February 15th 2010 ~ UK likely to see far more tropical and subtropical diseases in the future


    February 15th 2010 ~ When farming itself threatens food security

    February 14th 2010 ~ "Mr Benn's support could be pivotal in the drive to improve the professionalism of Britain's agricultural workforce"

    February 14th 2010 ~ Every little helps their profits

    February 13th 2010 ~ The 2012 battery cage ban is under threat.

    February 12th 2010 ~ "whatever the risk to the climate, scarce and expensive oil would be a threat.."

    February 12th 2010 ~"Both crunches have to do with giant industries getting their asset assessment wrong in a systemic and ruinous manner"

    February 12th 2010 ~ Telegraph: Becoming vegetarian 'can harm the environment'

    February 11th 2010 ~ Italy is vaccinating its wildlife against rabies using oral bait

    February 11 2010 ~ What would happen if a rabies outbreak were to happen in England seems unclear

    February 9th 2010 ~ "stamp out the bully-boy tactics of large supermarkets"

    February 9th 2010 ~ Jairam Ramesh said there was 'no over-riding urgency to introduce Bt Brinjal in India'.

    February 9th 2010 ~ Public Administration Select committee "deeply concerned" by DEFRA's refusal to compensate farmers

    Feb 8th 2010 ~ USDA has announced that its much-criticised National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is no more.

    Feb 8th 2010 ~ "...the assumption appears to be that conventional industrial agriculture which is responsible for most of the global food system's enormous and growing vulnerabilities will somehow shoulder the task of feeding seven to nine billion humans..

    8th February 2010 ~ Food policy specialists shouldn't be tricked by flawed science funded by well placed, anti-meat, agitators, says the National Beef Association

    8th February 2010 ~ GM in India: "Monsanto is looking for control with the introduction of Bt brinjal ..."

    Feb 6th/7th 2010 ~ For DEFRA's CSA, Bob Watson, the findings of the BBC poll are "very disappointing".

    Feb 6th 2010 ~ The Conservatives are not committed to this "Animal Health" Bill

    Feb 6th 2010 ~ "We are very concerned about the government's determination to split health from welfare."

    Feb 5th 2010 ~Farmers' frustration with the new draft "Animal Health" Bill

    Feb 5th 2010 ~ EIA : unsubstantiated reports that horses were taken to sale rings all over the country over Christmas and New Year

    Feb 4th 2010 ~ Unclear how many horses have now been tested for Equine Infectious Anaemia (Swamp Fever)

    Feb 4th 2010 ~ Farmers in East Anglia devastated by Birdseye's cancellation of its contract with pea growers.

    Feb 4 2010 ~ "probably backed by powerful corporate interests determined to thwart concerted action against global warming"

    February 3rd 2010 ~ government scientists spinning, writhing and fainting in coils

    February 1st 2010 ~ Legal Smokies?

    February 1st 2010 ~ FSA Board meetings can be seen and heard on the FSA website

    January 31st 2010 ~ "I have yet to see a scrap of evidence that we can do anything better than backing off and letting nature heal itself..."

    30 January 2010 ~Q Fever. Culling in the Netherlands has been put on hold.

    30 January 2010 ~ DEFRA's Consultation on African Horse Disease

    28/29 January 2010 ~"We've made vaccines our number one priority at the Gates Foundation because we have seen first hand their incredible impact.." Melinda Gates

    28/29 January 2010 ~ " My starting point today is the simple belief that a vibrant, healthy dairy farming sector is vital to Wales and Britain..."

    28 January 2010 ~ Cost Sharing: "the subject is shrouded in more uncertainty than ever..."

    January 28 2010 ~ Tracey Worcester will host a debate in the House of Commons this week with farmers and politicians

    27 January 2010 ~ BVA "we are deeply disappointed that Defra remains committed to splitting animal health policy and animal welfare policy"

    January 27th 2010 ~"That this House congratulates Tracy Worcester on her film, Pig Business, highlighting the adverse health, animal welfare, environmental and economic impact of industrial pig production..."

    January 26th 2010 ~ Conservatives say there is no guarantee they would implement the Government's Responsibility and Cost Sharing plans if they come to power.

    January 26th 2010 ~ Grim news from the Netherlands where Q fever has been found on a dairy sheep farm

    January 25/26th 2010 ~ The Dutch contingency plan for FMD now specifies the use of vaccination

    January 25th 2010 ~ FMD "vaccination in the event of an outbreak is becoming the more popular policy..." Australia's Deputy chief executive of Animal Health

    January 25 2010 ~ An FMD death toll of 11 million animals was the estimate given by the UK's Meat and Livestock Commission after the 2001 outbreak

    January 25 2010 ~ DEFRA's draft Animal Health Bill presented today

    January 25 2010 ~ "cost sharing measures will be introduced under a separate future Finance Bill, not Defra's Draft Animal Health Bill"

    January 25 2010 ~ Using huge amounts of ever-scarcer money to back a very uncertain horse

    January 23 2010 ~ " we need radical changes within 20 years" Patrick Holden

    January 23 2010 ~ Global recession and the disastrous decline in cheap energy means that "Business as usual", with intensive methods, GM monoculture and oil based fertilisers can no longer keep food cheap.

    January 21 2010 ~ Q fever in the Netherlands: "As usual, the media are playing a bad part in this"

    January 21st 2010 ~ World Horse Welfare needs your help to get 47 more MEPs to sign up to help slaughter horses by 6pm today (21 January).

    January 21st 2010 ~ Plans to dole out £25.2m of EU money to UK dairy farmers will have no effect on struggling businesses, say experts.

    January 20th 2010 ~ Two imported horses euthanised because of Equine Infectious Anaemia

    January 18th 2010 ~ How cost-effective are Government websites?

    January 18 2010 ~ Letters to the Sunday Telegraph: " the decimation of the family farming industry".

    Friday January 15th 2010 ~ Mad scientist syndrome is rampant.

    Friday January 15th 2010 ~ Mr Fitzpatrick's answer on beak trimming gave an over-simplified version of FAWC's advice

    Friday January 15th 2010 ~ Germany's Minister of Agriculture, Ilse Aigner, is insisting that no emissions reduction targets should be set for the German agriculture sector.

    January 14 2010 ~ "EU legislation, which will restrict the amount of energy that can be sourced from coal, will increase Britain's reliance on gas."

    January 14th 2010 ~ "our dismal record on renewables"

    January 13 2010 ~ Government is to set up a supermarket ombudsman

    January 12 2010 ~ "how consistently these scares follow an identifiable pattern..."

    January 12 2010 ~ Georgina Downs will take her pesticide case to Europe

    January 11th 2010 ~ Clear enough leadership? Adequately articulated?

    January 11th 2010 ~ "What farmer who relies on supermarkets will risk speaking out when they are likely to be delisted?" asks Caroline Lucas

    January 11th 2010 ~ NBA wants to sweep away "current, outdated, systems" in favour of direct grant funding for farmers

    Monday January 11th 2010 ~ "Ebay: Will exchange 60 million unwanted doses of swine flu vaccine for large pile of grit.."

    Monday January 11th 2010 ~ "we won't get the crisis measures we need for our food system until the crisis has already hit.." Telegraph

    January 10 2010 ~ " We just assume everything will be on the supermarket shelves..."

    January 10 2010 ~ Et tu, Observer? "The government's new green initiatives are unlikely to come online fast enough to plug our growing energy gap"

    Jan 10 2010 ~ Energy supplies: "It's like watching a slow motion train wreck. It might happen this year, it might happen next year, but gas is a depleting resource and there will be a crisis at some stage"

    January 10th 2010 ~ Hilary Benn denies that Defra "advises the public not to buy local produce".

    January 10th 2010 ~ "Farmers must be allowed to concentrate on producing food There is more to farming than 'enhancing' the environment."

    January 9th 2010 ~ Farmers' heroic efforts to help neighbours interrupted by nit-picking bureaucracy

    January 8th 2010 ~ "Restrictions on working time rules for lorry drivers have been relaxed in a bid to help get animal feed to snow-hit farms"

    January 8th 2010 ~ An end within 5 years - on organic farms at least - to the miserable practice of killing male calves just after birth

    January 8th 2010 ~ Even at full capacity the UK's storage facilities can only hold up to 16 days worth of gas

    January 8th 2010 ~ Energy Security. The Department of Energy and Climate Change is angry at "scaremongering"...

    January 8th 2010 ~ Artificial nanoparticles - "very significant gaps in our knowledge": Lord Krebs

    January 7/8 2010 ~ "this time our prime objective must be feeding people, not making profits for large business corporations as now"

    January 7th 2010 ~ Farmers' help has been invaluable in the crisis

    January 7th 2010 ~ "concentrations of insecticide in clouds above seeding machines 1,000 times the dose lethal to bees"

    January 6th 2010 ~ "Mr Benn expects the revival of farming to be carried on the backs of consumers"

    January 6th 2010 ~ "...the fragility of the current UK food system, which depends heavily on imports, last-minute ordering, and long distribution chains..."

    January 6th 2010 ~ "it is the livestock sector that is still battling with official indifference."

    Ombudsman: "Now the pressure is on Lord Mandelson to respond to the Competition Commission's recommendation"

    January 5 2010 ~ Nick Herbert says a Conservative Government's Ombudsman would be a dedicated unit in the Office of Fair Trading rather than an independent body.

    January 5 2010 ~ Nick Herbert's statement says we are entering a new age of farming.

    January 5 2010 ~ Defra Launches Government's Food Strategy 2030

    January 5 2010 ~"... a PR exercise more concerned with quangoid prestige"

    January 4 2010 ~ grazing cows save the planet

    January 4 2010 ~ The Soil Association welcomes the Government's "excellent suggestion that publicly owned land should be converted to growing spaces".

    January 4 2010 ~ "the report will urge consumers not to insist on buying locally-produced food, because doing so would reduce the prosperity of farmers in developing countries."

    January 4th 2010 ~ DEFRA report will tell us to accept GM

    January 4 2010 ~ "how to deliver optimum levels of home production, sustainably"

    January 2nd 2010 ~ Calling for reappraisal of DEFRA's priorities.

    January 1 2010 ~ "The beginning of a new decade is a time to look forward as well as back."

    January 1 2010~ "Although we still hear the right things in DEFRA speeches, policy statements and announcements, its actions speak louder than words"

    January 1 2009 ~Off with its head

    31 December 2009 ~ Gareth Vaughan blames EU auditors and officialdom for a "completely inhuman attitude to genuine errors and situations arising as a result of human tragedies."

    December 29/30 2009 ~Final Solution in Holland - three cheers for technology?

    Dec 28 2009 ~ Is hunting really as important as other cruelty issues?

    December 26 2009 ~ 'Tis the season when marketing drives phenomenal waste.

    December 23 2009 ~ Will lessons be learned from the Netherlands?

    December 22 2009 ~ "Inexcusable" says Dr Watkins, "that the Q fever outbreak in Holland was allowed to grow over 3 years to a situation they can only handle by slaughtering.."

    December 22 2009 ~ Birds Eye has come clean about its misleading "Great British Menu" label

    December 22 2009 ~ interest-free loans will help farmers to upgrade their equipment to become more energy efficient

    December 19 2009 ~ RPA's front-line staff "courteous and as helpful as they possibly could".... "the real failure to deliver lay far above them, at a senior level" (Alister Borthwick)

    December 18 2009 ~ More delay over Supermarket Ombudsman decision

    December 18 2009 ~ Scotland's frustration that the budget for animal health in Scotland is still controlled from Whitehall.

    December 18 2009 ~ Bluetongue vaccination will be voluntary in Scotland next year

    December 17 2009 ~ DEFRA will introduce a maximum stocking density of 39kg/m2 for intensively farmed poultry

    December 17 2009 ~ Farm4Bio reconciles the need to produce more food while feeding wildlife in winter

    December 16 2009 ~ "Whitehall's solution was to suppress that part of the report..."

    December 16 2009 ~ RPA: "disastrous IT system, poor management, delays in payments the biggest debacle in the committee's history..." says Public Accounts Committee

    December 16 2009 ~ Community Infrastructure Levy must not be a tax on food, says farmers' associations

    December 14 2009 ~ Slaughter on Suspicion policy - on it goes

    December 14 2009 ~ "It is the disconnection we have with what we consume that is the primary cause of the wasteful and destructive culture we live in.."

    December 14 2009 ~ "Some believe that a decision by the the UN to include soil carbon in its remit will be met by an explosion of the intensive farming systems best suited to exploit it."

    December 13 2009 ~ A global look at the risk of zoonoses

    December 13 2009 ~ Q fever: "I think the vets are right," says Dr Ruth Watkins

    December 13 2009 ~ Q fever: "our kind of intensive livestock farming in a highly populated country is asking for trouble"

    December 12 2009 ~ Q fever slaughter plan - vets do not want to go through "the trauma of killing healthy, pregnant animals"

    December 12 2009 ~ African Horse Sickness- "no mandatory cull of animals on infected premises unless the secretary of state chooses to request it"

    December 11 2009 ~ London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games STILL plans to serve up factory farmed chicken and pork at the 2012 games.

    December 11 2009 ~ Should the RPA not be complimented and lauded?

    December 11 2009 ~ Israeli government accuses Britain of encouraging a boycott of goods from West Bank settlements.

    December 11 2009 ~ "We are encouraging retailers to mark and label countries of origin more clearly.."

    December 11 2009 ~ Should Ombudsman's powers be "to enforce both the honest labelling of food and humane animal welfare standards for imported food to match the excellent standards in British farming?"

    December 10 2009 ~ Q fever "..Why didn't vaccination start in 2007 when the outbreak was first documented?.."

    December 10 2009 ~ Any uninfected or vaccinated animals that the Department thinks should be slaughtered can legally be slaughtered under new Northern Ireland legislation

    December 10 2009 ~ The revised Animal Health Act of 2002 was rushed through parliament to give mass culling retrospective legality

    December 10 2009 ~ What does DEFRA's website cost?

    December 10 2009 ~ Tamiflu's effectiveness is being called into question.

    December 9 2009 ~ "..replacing cows and sheep for intensive goat farming in sheds. ..."

    December 9 2009 ~ "absurd for the government to announce its intentions to put more services online ..."

    December 9 2009 ~ "...the average hill farmer earning just £5,000 a year.."

    December 4 2009 ~ Hilary Benn has visited a Cockermouth farm hit by the floods and promised that measures specifically designed to help farmers are a top priority.

    December 4 2009 ~ Boris Johnson backs "Capital Growth" with a £150,000 fund to help Londoners grow their own food in under-used areas of the capital.

    December 4 2009 ~ Poor nations weren't growing their own food because of development programs initiated by the World Bank, the International Montetary Fund, and the U.S. government.

    December 4 2009 ~ Government support for Britain's banks now officially £850bn. Britain's farmers are "barely breaking even"

    December 3 2009 ~ DEFRA is spending 5 million pounds to "review the RPA"

    December 3 2009 ~ Cost Sharing- no benefits and worsening lack of trust

    December 2 2009 ~"This is about re-engaging people in local democracy."

    December 2 2009 ~ "too often under the current Government farmers have been undervalued and undermined.." Jim Paice

    December 2 2009 ~ DEFRA's greenhouse spending

    December 2 2009 ~ A/H1N1: "It appears as if we may see continuing, if not increasing, numbers of reports of "reverse transmission" of this zoonotic disease from humans to animal species."

    December 1 2009 ~ The report, "African Horse Sickness - Impact on the UK Horse Industry" is published today.

    December 1 2009 ~ The forgotten farmers of flooded Cumbria

    December 1 2009 ~"...This disconnect between people and how their food is produced"

    November 30 2009 ~ Free feast on December 16 will highlight "the injustice of a world in which some have food to waste while others go hungry".

    November 30 2009 ~ New EID rules explained at Farmers Weekly

    November 29 2009 ~"...sure in our mind that a conclusion is true, we overstate the evidence for it, and expect to be vindicated."

    November 29 2009 ~"... hopelessly compromised scientific establishment"

    November 29 2009 ~ Artificial pork - one step closer

    November 29 2009 ~ Supermarkets' plea to Mandelson not to appoint an Ombudsman

    November 29 2009 ~ We have only to look at the 2001 FMD disaster to recall the consequences when inappropriate data produces erroneous results.

    November 28 2009 ~ NFU "optimistic" that a supermarket ombudsman will be appointed

    November 27 2009 ~ 'Break up the dominance of the Supermarkets'

    November 26 2009 ~ "Climate change is an issue we take very seriously, but eating less meat would make little difference to it." CLA

    November 26 2009 ~ EU has approved 275 million euro budget to "eradicate, control and monitor animal diseases in 2010".

    November 26 2009 ~ "a small figure compared with four-wheel drives..."

    November 26 2009 ~ "grazing cattle and sheep are the unsung heroes of the British countryside"

    November 26 2009 ~ "the government came within a whisker of advocating bovine genocide" BBC