I don't think it is much use for your site but if you may enjoy the leading article in The Field by David Edelstein.

He is writing on the way the lunatics have taken over the asylum in the countryside.(As "they" call it now!)

I thought the article posted by Sandy A (on BSE and chemicals) was extremely interesting and makes one so furious because to anybody with an ounce of common sense it is all so obvious. Many years ago my sister poured this ghastly stuff on one of our heifers, it went absolutely bananas and jumped out of the crush , galloping round the field for the next half hour. We decided it was obviously so awful we wouldn't use it anymore - and didn't. However, it was compulsory to dip the sheep in organophosphate dip, which is why all those poor farmers are now so ill.

Also it is so ridiculous to talk about BSE in sheep, if they persist in telling us it's from contaminated food because almost no lambs get any hard feed, and I'm sure very few ewes in hill districts get much. All lambs are reared on milk and grass, mine never had anything extra but a bit of oats and barley, sugar beet and hay. Also they are slaughtered at six months on average - and "they" keep telling us it has this incredibly long incubation period. Cattle are are slaughtered now at 30 months because of their daft ideas about this long incubation period.

My sister ,who has three hotels in Scotland, says the thirty month rule is ruining the quality of meat up there as the bullocks mature slowly and are now being killed before they are ready.

There has to be more to this BSE agenda than we realise. My husband says it is being driven by the vegetarian sector - did you know Blair is vegetarian? Apparently they try to keep that quiet. What is is abour politicians that they are quite happy to slaughter and compulsorily purchase animals but cannot face up to the mess that has been made and give poor old Mark Purdey some funding? I know - the compensation claims would be immense, but how can we go on storing up this chemical time bomb? Does the truth mean absolutely nothing to them? I belong to the generation which was so profoundly impressed by Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, but poor old DDT is as nothing compared to the demented cocktails they are spraying around today. It's all the more infuriating when you remember that New Labour promised to see fair play done to the shepherds and farmers BEFORE the election, now they are just as bad, probably worse, than the others.

Thank God for people such as yourself and Christopher Booker, but it can only be a matter of time before they put all of us in the loony bin. Sorry to rant on, but all this nonsense is getting me down!