I was nodding away agreeing with the speakers demanding better controls

until a certain Mr. Morley opened his big mouth and put his foot in it. He excused the government's refusal to improve controls by saying that there were sufficient controls in existance. He then added that if the farmers had adhered to these then the FMD epidemic would not have spread so far and wide so quickly. He is implying that the government could relax all controls on illegal drug imports and rely on potential users and sellers to say "Oh, no thanks! Its illegal!"

Spent more time trying to fathom out the Hansard search facilities. Eventually worked it out, found the debate, skip read Morley's bits, logged off leaving the page open, came in to try again, sat down and the first words I read were, and I quote (Hansard):-

"... I cannot comment specifically, but if regulations had been followed on the farm, we may never have had the outbreak in the first place. That should also be taken into account. We should also reflect on how the disease spread and the measures needed to stop it. As all hon. Members who have spoken acknowledge, when dealing with illegal activities, it is never possible to provide a 100 per cent. guarantee of stopping disease. That is why we need contingency plans on how best to prevent disease spread. ... "

The debate can be read in full on this url:- http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/cgi-bin/htm_hl?DB=ukparl&S TEMMER=en&
WORDS=meat+import+J0morlei+&COLOUR=Red&STYLE=&URL=/pa/cm200102/cmh ansrd/cm020227/halltext/20227h01.

Just click and it should take you to the page but it is so long it gets broken up. Just copy and paste the bits into your browser window' eliminate any spaces and hit "go". Scroll to a few screens from the bottom and read from paragraph marked "27th Feb 2002 - Column 269WH".