In reading Alan Beat's excellent summary of the You and Yours Broadcast, he asks does anyone know anything of Elliot Morley's background?

I know a little about him. He is a thorn in the side of his local Hunt and a self proclaimed animal rights supporter. This should raise a hollow laugh. It is rumoured that he is supported financially by one of the Animal Rights organisations although he does not declare this. He is assiduous in pursuing an end to hunting and has made many pronouncements about the barbarity of foxhunting.

He is one of the strongest opponents of country pursuits and loathed by country people in his constituency. His self proclaimed solicitousness for the welfare of a few foxes contrasts oddly with his ruthless determination to kill all the remaining sheep flocks in the country, to say nothing of the manner in which he has presided over some of the most horrendous killing of innocent healthy animals in this country. For this man to pose as an animal lover is one of the most disgusting shams yet seen in this Government of poseurs and spinners.