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This morning I heard the smug and sanctimonious Ben Gill proudly declare "The official Government Policy WAS FOR VACCINATION, we stopped it, it wouldn't have worked."

I heard this self same claptrap being peddled at a NFU meeting by Dr. Froud, the livestock delegate to the NFU Council. However, I was stunned to hear Ben Gill proclaim quite so loudly and openly, with no shame or guilt, that the Government was for vaccination and had been stopped BY THE NFU!!

Also it shows just what a pathetic twerp Blair is, to be overruled by this self important idiot, with no formal scientific training whatsoever. I can't see anything changing as long as men like these are in charge.

The Today programme said the NFU was on the verge of breaking up. Just as well, we have resigned from it.

The pity is that the NFU cannot see the hidden agenda, the AR brigade, PETA etc. the EU with POland and Hungary taking over from British farming. The NFU stupidly played all their cards wrongly.

Ben Gill even announced that farmers had to give up their healthy flocks and herds "for the greater good" and expressed hurt outrage that some farmers didn't see it this way.

What an appalling man.