....a major update will be necessary at some stage (300th day!) as FMD rumbles on and on

I am encouraged that you wished to publish my paper on the warmwell site where it will be exposed to extensive viewing. I have sent out some copies here and there, but I am more than happy for you to request its publication in the press. My main purpose was to impress the correct message on an audience of European livestock scentists and FAO officials, but a wider circulation would be welcome and beneficial.

I had expected that a report at the 150th day of the outbreak would cover the whole situation adequately. Clearly, I was mistaken and a major update will be necessary at some stage (300th day!) as FMD rumbles on and on.

Have now seen your other message. Very pleased to hear that the paper is exciting some interest. It was not written specifically from a rare breeds point of view - the problems and principles are much wider - although probably it was obvious that I was wearing my Rare Breeds International hat. The reception in Budapest was good. There was a certain degree of incredulity when shown the true figures, and an enormous fund of sympathy. Whether it will accelerate or intensify any real changes in attitude remains to be seen.

Best wishes

Lawrence Alderson

After we'd been scratching our heads about what some of the acronyms in Lawrence's paper meant, we heard from June, for which many thanks....
Having participated in these conferences, I can help with this...AnGR isn't an acronym for anger but stands for Animal Genetic Resources.

Lawerence Alderson is highly respected for his intellect, integrity and tireless efforts towards protecting the genetic resources of rare and endangered breeds of livestock and also raising the awareness of both livestock producer and general public regarding maintaining as many breeds of livestock as we producers, the only thing we can count on is change and options are good.

hope this helped,