Message from Ally

Brilliant result. I was there with a gang of supporters from Cumbria, including Astrid who was taking copious notes, so brace yourselves for a comprehensive report on Sovereignty very soon.

I'm too tired right now to try to tell the whole story, but in the end only 2 charges were made against Kirstin - the offensive weapon charge was dropped. She was found guilty on the other two, but granted an Absolute Discharge which means she will have no blemish on her record. A lot of question marks were raised about the legality of the actions of the elderly vet who killed Misty, and of the police officers attending, so this story will still run.

The Sherriff - Kenneth Ross (I think!) - was very fair and seemed sympathetic. Even the Procurator Fiscal seemed, to me at least, more kindly disposed than his ilk are wont to be. Kirstin herself was superb!

As a Scot myself, I am delighted to see, once again, the Scottish legal system in action producing a fair judgement.

Well done Kirstin!