Britain did not vaccinate against Foot and Mouth


The cost and the cruelty.

On your behalf, the government is following  a policy which is costing the country #150-300 for each man, woman and child. For what? To save exports worth £5 a year for each of us.

It has cost the deaths by suicide of (at least) 4 farmers.

It has cost the deaths of up to 8 million animals, most unnecessary and many in conditions of cruelty.

It has compromised the welfare of millions more.

It has caused the loss of hefted flocks and endangered rare breeds.

It has ignored modern scientific research.

The slaughter is now running at 80,000 a day.  Two months ago, with the disease supposedly at its peak, it was 33,000.

Would you spend #150 and kill millions of animals to save £5 a year?

Why are you letting the government do it on your behalf?


Contact your election candidates, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture, Nick Brown

Janet Anderton ~ May 2001