I have just read a most infuriating article on the fwi website "Buying British a low priority".

The comments by the Food Standards Agency about consumers not being interested in buying British are quite incredible. I wonder where they got their sample of 1000 people from. The results of this survey they have just done will apparently help to form the basis of their future policy.

You can click on Talkfood at the bottom of the article or go to to read further, and there you have a choice of questions to answer about your priorities re food production and buying food, but you are only fed limited choices/questions in the first place. The country of origin (which is extremely important to me) doesn't feature, simply because the earlier survey of 1000 didn't find that important.

There is a box at the end to enter other comments, so that is what I shall be doing. I'm afraid I feel that we are being engineered into what to say.