I went to Bristol and found it excellent. To me vaccination is the only answer, not only to combat the disease but to prevent all the appalling animal welfare problems that are going to happen. I was also interested in the emphasis on the rights of the farmer, and it struck me that surely there could be a very good case in law for farmers who have had their ability to conduct their daily business stopped/curtailed for an unreasonable length of time due to government action, (which in itself can be demonstrated to be not the best course of action available, in the light of available scientific evidence).

Sorry that is so wordy but I'm sure you can see what I mean!

As one of the speakers said, this is not a highly dangerous disease such as Ebola with its enormous risks to the human population. Obviously in that case people would understand the need for very stringent precautions.

Also, these biosecurity measures now imposed are not reasonable or actually possible for any length of time. I really hope that the NFU, or groups of farmers or the RSPCA for example could threaten legal action. There was Mr Neville (spelling?) from Burges Salmon present, and I wonder what he thinks.

All the best, Anne

(Were you the lady in the back row near the entrance who asked a question?!)